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Introducing the new Zeon Endeavour LED Headlight from Orascoptic

December 20, 2011
by Orascoptic

For over 30 years, Orascoptic has been a leader in lighting innovation. Applying advanced technology, Orascoptic introduces the new Zeon® EndeavourTM, a high resolution LED headlight system that incorporates today’s best technology at an affordable price. The Endeavour combines power and comfort to deliver outstanding illumination without the distraction of large, bulky battery packs or heavy headlights.

The Zeon Endeavor LED Headlight system features: • A Compact and lightweight for comfort designed with comfort in mind, the compact light and battery unit allow you to focus on your patients. • An innovative “Gumdrop” technology, a miniature LED light that delivers a high quality focused beam of white light with a highly defined spot for better visibility during treatment and diagnosis. • The battery unit incorporates an advanced capacitive touch control system that allows the user to easily and quickly adjust light settings without reaching into coat or pants pockets.

The Zeon Endeavour delivers up to 4,000 foot candles of white light, while emitting a low heat output ensuring safety for both the practitioner and the patient. The rechargeable Lithium Ion battery unit is one of the smallest and lightest on the market. Orascoptic offers a Quality Guaranteed 4-Year Warranty on the gumdrop headlight. Visit us online at www.oracoptic.com/endeavourpr or call us at 800.369.3698 to schedule an in-office demonstration or to purchase the Endeavour today!

About Orascoptic A business unit within Sybron Dental Specialties, Orascoptic uses proven optical expertise, industry-leading knowledge, innovation, and leading edge technology to design and manufacture loupes and lighting systems that improve clinical outcomes for dental and medical professionals. To learn more, visit the Orascoptic website at www.orascoptic.com.

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