The Introduction of Deental, First Dental Search Engine

In recent years, the dental market on the web proved to be a growing sector with an increasing international access. Maybe it is for this reason that the web has recently proved to be one of the favorite places for the supply and demand of dental related services.

Deental is the first international search engine completely dedicated to dental services.

There are already sites aggregating supply and demand for other medical services, which also include dentistry. But we believe they are not well performing in this field.

This is why we designed a website based on a demand and supply virtuous circle where clinics across Europe can give their services a bigger visibility, sorting them by price bands and technological offer, while users can take advantage of a potentially endless supply simply by requiring their desired services in the search box. They will have their services quoted, so as to choose the one they prefer.

When searching for a dentist, the jungle of sites appearing before us is gone for good! The average user will have a much easier job. Last but not least, the service is totally free for users.

Even the section of the site for dentists is absolutely user friendly and complete in the series of offered tools, such as an already set basic price list which can also be customized in prices and services offered, and a very intuitive method for fixing an appointment with a patient, as well as the ability to answer any doubts patients may submit through a chat.

The opportunity for dentists to join the promotion of basic services at fixed price (oral hygiene and OPT) automatically increases the visibility of the structure among potential local patients.

For the most up-to-date dentists, there is also the opportunity to draft medical articles on the site, which will increase their ranking and placement in the users’ searches, according to meritocracy.