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ISO-pak Infection & Climate Control Packaging For Admira Fusion, GrandioSO, Grandio and x-tra fil

February 2, 2016
by Oral Health

VOCO America IncVOCO, a German based global leader in the manufacturing of dental restorative materials, offers the next level of quality control with the introduction of its new ISO-pak packaging.  For use with all of VOCO’s composite (Grandio, GrandioSO, x-tra fil) and VOCO’s new nano-ORMOCER Admira Fusion, the new ISO-pak comes as an air-tight individually sealed foil that includes the product name, expiration date, shade, cure time, storage information and lot number imprinted on each individual unit.

The ISO-pak will maximize the infection control efforts of each office, saving the offices time and money by making the disinfection of each single unit dose capsule obsolete.

GrandioSO_AdmiraFusion_x-tra fil Group2

An added ISO-pak benefit is humidity control.  All encapsulated composites and ORMOCERS on the market have the tendency to get stickier with increased levels of humidity or stiffer in low humidity levels. The new ISO-pak is an air tight packaging solution that will provide the clinician the same consistency of VOCO restoratives for each use whether they are located in the dry winter arctic air of Canada or in the moist humid air in the tropics of Florida.

VOCO’s new ISO-pak offers added value to their customers without any additional costs passed on.

VOCO is proud to continue to be an industry leader and innovator when it comes to product solutions and product value as is experienced by both dentists and their patients.

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