KaVo ELECTROmatic: Electrified by Perfection

The KaVo ELECTROmatic converts a non-electric dental treatment unit into an electric one. An existing dental unit can be upgraded with the KL703 LED within minutes and without the need of a specialist. Just starting by plug-in the ELECTROmatic onto the Midwest connection. The fixtures allow an assembling under, beside, in top of, behind the tray or onto a cabinet to reach highest flexibility and perfect ergonomics for the dentist. Going electric never was that easy.

Experience now, that electrics is performance that blows you away. Only an electric motor with perfect automatic speed control keeps the defined cutting speed under nearly any load. In combination with the gear driven cutting instrument this allows for smoother, more precisely preparations within a large speed range and an increase of confidence in handling complicated cases. The very low sound level of ELECTROmatic – far from the noise of whining air driven motors – secures a relaxed treatment situation on both patient’s and doctor’s side. Electric motors are highly versatile. From Highspeed to Lowspeed handpieces, the KaVo ELECTROmatic offers the right solution for almost any treatment procedure and works stable controlled from 2 – 200,000 rpm for highest preparation quality. Cherry on the cake is the silent brushless KL703 LED motor which provides perfect light for optimum sight.

The world of KaVo electrics consists of four different controller versions. The entry-level version KaVo ELECTROmatic enables the dentist to work with highest power, very fast and always in full speed. Speed control is easy due to pressure change via the foot pedal of the treatment unit.

The KaVo ELECTROmatic Plus with its three speed programs for a fast switch between 100 – 40,000 rpm and a forward/reverse option allows a constant speed for a stable run of the bur and perfect preparation results. The LCD-Color display shows the actual motor speed.

For dentists who search for the ultimate all-in-one device with a special Prep- and Endo mode, KaVo offers the ELECTROmatic Premium/ELECTROmatic Premium Dual version. The integrated 4.3’’ TFT color touch screen enables an intuitive handling and a very easy adjustment of the 5 speed programs in the Prep mode. The 5 preset endo workflows with up to 10 endo files are easy programmable due to 22 preset different endo systems. Further individual endo files can very easily be added by the operator.

The ELECTROmatic Premium Dual with two motors offers a complete new and perfect workflow efficiency with preset high and low speed instruments and burs. No further exchange of handpieces is necessary.

The versatility of the system is stunning because electric handpieces can be used for almost any treatment procedure as there are highspeed, lowspeed and endodontic KaVo handpieces available – all of them with light and water spray.

The constant torque, the defined and constant speed, the smoother cutting, the low noice level and the high versatility are compelling reasons to invest in the new KaVo ELECTROmatic.

With a 20 year history in stand-alone conversion products from pneumatic to electric motors, KaVo offers from IDS 2017 on the new KaVo ELECTROmatic system with four different controller versions thereby allowing full flexibility for today’s dental office.

About KaVo Kerr
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