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KaVo is excited to announce The Best Gets Better

February 6, 2014
by KaVo*

Introducing the NEW MASTERtorque™ LUX M8900 L Air Driven High-Speed Dental Handpiece!  Replacing the best in class GENTLEsilence LUX 6500BR, the M8900 L features 20% more power at 23 Watts, the lowest noise level available at 57 decibels and NEW Direct Stop Technology™.

Benefits of the NEW MASTERtorque™ LUX M8900 L Air Driven High-Speed Dental Handpiece

  • 23 Watts of Power, 20% more, allows for easier preparations and restorations
  • 57dB low noise level is less irritating and damaging to the ear than other competitive handpieces
  • Direct Stop Technology™
    • Stops the bur in .8 seconds (on average), increasing work flow efficiency
    • Reduces the risk of accidental contact if the patient is moving
    • Virtually no retraction of fluids and debris, which protects the turbine from harmful damage and increases the life of the handpiece
    • Increases the level of infection control

 “The MASTERtorque M8900L is really exciting because KaVo takes our best handpiece, the 6500BR, and makes it better. The combination of power and noise is unprecedented—you can instantly feel and hear the difference. The addition of Direct Stop Technology changes the game and sets a new standard for air driven high speeds.”

– William Irwin, Product Manager for KaVo

Try the M8900L at www.trykavo.com and see what better feels like today! The NEW MASTERtorque™ LUX M8900 L Air Driven High Speed Dental Handpiece is available for order and shipment from KaVo!

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