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NEW! 3M ESPE Intra-Oral Syringes

July 25, 2011

3M ESPE Introduces Impregum and Imprint 3 Intra-Oral Syringes. 

Syringes offer easy handling and less material waste


3M ESPE, the worldwide leader in impression solutions, introduces a new wash delivery system that brings easier handling to intra-oral syringing – Impregum and Imprint 3 Intra-oral Syringes.   These new unfilled syringes that deliver a dentist’s preferred choice of wash impression material continue 3M ESPE’s more than 30-year record of delivering innovative impression solutions.


The small size and ergonomic design of the Impregum and Imprint 3 Intra-oral Syringes from 3M ESPE make it easier for dental professionals to access hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, resulting in more precise applications and better fitting final restorations.   The syringes are compatible with 3M ESPE VPS or polyether wash material delivered from a 50 mL hand dispensed cartridge and offer easier intra-oral handling than standard hand dispensers.


In addition to their easy handling and convenience, Impregum and Imprint 3 Intra-oral Syringes from 3M ESPE can also help reduce product waste in the impression-making procedure.  Compared to hand dispenser tips, the Imprint 3 Intra-oral Syringe results in 67% less VPS material waste, while the Impregum Intra-oral Syringe cuts polyether material waste by 84%.


The syringes also enable dental professionals to dispense individual doses of wash material, giving them exact control over the material amount, with no pre-dosed quantity – which is found with existing unit dose systems in the market.   Because they are single-use products, the syringes allow for a more hygienic procedure and eliminate time-consuming cleaning steps such as disinfection of the syringes, mixing tips or cartridges.


With easier handling and less material waste, the Impregum and Imprint 3 Intra-oral Syringes from 3M ESPE give dental professionals a new state-of-the-art dispensing option.


For more information, visit www.3MESPE.ca/GreatImpressions or call 3M ESPE Customer Care at (888) 363-3685.

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