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NEW: Fractional Handpiece for Pluser Erbium Laser

January 17, 2013
by Oral Health Group

Doctor Smile dental lasers presents the new fractional handpiece for Pluser erbium laser. Wrinkles and scars around the eyes or mouth will be drastically reduced in a few sittings, thanks to fractional laser emission, the most advanced and safe resurfacing treatment technology.

The laser beam is split into micro-spots that generate a superficial ablation and thermal stimulation in pinpoint spots, alternated with non treated tissue.Thanks to Pluser erbium laser’s APC advanced pulse control technology, it is possible to select the depth of the ablation, for effective resurfacing with a much faster healing time compared to CO2 or chemical peeling.

For more information contact: Doctor Smile dental lasers at: Phone:  +39 0444 349165 or
Email:  info@doctor-smile.com

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