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New Oral-B Smartseries wth Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity and Oral-B App

February 17, 2015
by Philips

HOW IT WORKS Via Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the elegant and sophisticated SmartSeries electric toothbrush connects to the Oral-B App that provides real-time guidance while users brush, and records brushing activity as data that you can chart on your own and share with dental professionals, helping to create smarter and more personalized brushing routines. ORAL-B APP • Utilizes two-way communication: Not only does that app receive brushing data and report it back to you, but you can also program the app so that it communicates with the brush for personalized brushing. • Delivers expert guidance with focused care: Dental professionals can program patients’ brushing routines in the app to help improve their brushing behaviours and focus on problem zones within the mouth. • Programs personal brush settings: You can use your smartphone as a “remote control” to customize your brush to your needs, including setting your target session length and selecting your preferred modes. • Stores your data: The Oral-B interactive electric toothbrush handle can store up to 20 brushing sessions, the data is transferred the next time the app is connected to the toothbrush, updating your records. • Fosters better brushing: The app and interactive electric toothbrush help drive patient compliance, which determines a large part of the success of dental appointments. • Helps you stay informed: The app helps maintain your attention and motivation while brushing with news, weather and oral care tips. • Available for free on iOS and Android ORAL-B SMARTSERIES WITH BLUETOOTH 4.0 CONNECTIVITY • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity: Links electric toothbrush to smartphone app via low-energy Bluetooth • Oscillating-rotating-pulsating technology: Removes up to 100 percent more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush • Six different cleaning modes: Daily Cleaning, Deep Clean, Whitening, Gum Care, Sensitive, Tongue Cleaning • Compatible with six different brush heads: CrossAction, Precision Clean, 3D White, Sensitive, Floss Action, TriZone • Pressure sensor: Signals and decelerates the speed when the user is brushing too hard • Travel accessories: Protects the brush and charger during travel AVAILABILITY The new Oral-B interactive electric toothbrush with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and the Oral-B App is now available widely starting February 2015. The new Oral-B App is available for free in iOS and in Android. Prices will vary and all pricing, merchandising, shelving, and distribution decisions are at the sole discretion of the retailer. The SmartSeries electric toothbrush with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity will be approximately $199 for the 5000 model and $239 for the 7000 model at retail. LEARN MORE For more information on the new SmartSeries and other Oral-B electric toothbrushes with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, visit www.dentalcare.ca or contact customer service at 1-800-543-2511.

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