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New SR Vivodent S DCL Tooth Line: High Esthetics for Patients

March 31, 2017
by Ivoclar Vivadent

Nature creates the most beautiful shapes and shades and these have guided the design of the new anterior moulds SR Vivodent S DCL. Esthetically and prosthetically optimized, these moulds are designed to meet the individual requirements of today’s and tomorrow’s patients. The teeth are available in A-D shades and are especially suitable for combined denture prosthetics.

SR Vivodent S DCL is a distinctive anterior tooth for sophisticated needs. High shade intensity and individual layering lend these teeth an especially vibrant appearance. Together with the equally new posterior moulds SR Orthotyp S DCL, they form a comprehensive range of denture teeth that offer a maximum degree of individuality. The portfolio is complete with a multifunctional shade guide.

Vibrant shades
The shade range of the new tooth line comprises 16 A-D shades and 4 Bleach shades. The shade intensity, brilliance and translucency closely imitate the shade of natural teeth, resulting in dental prostheses that harmoniously blend into the existing dentition.

Matching posterior moulds
The new posterior moulds SR Orthotyp S DCL ideally complement the new anterior teeth. They are designed on the basis of a detailed functional analysis of the stomatognathic system. With their refreshed modern appearance, the posterior moulds meet the high demands placed on the esthetic and functional characteristics of dental prostheses.

Highly cross-linked DCL material
Both tooth lines are made of highly cross-linked DCL material. This material consists of a modified version of polymethyl methacrylate in which both the polymer and matrix are cross-linked. The result is a material that displays a higher compressive strength but a similar flexibility to conventional PMMA. The lifespan is therefore expected to be longer.

Delivery forms
SR Vivodent S DCL anterior teeth are available in 16 maxillary and 8 mandibular moulds. The SR Orthotyp S DCL posterior teeth are supplied in 4 maxillary and 4 mandibular sets. Both lines are available in 16 A-D shades and 4 Bleach shades.

SR Vivodent® and SR Orthotyp® are registered trademarks of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.

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