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NEW! Thin-Tip Ultrasonic Inserts 25 kHz Big Easy and Resin Handle Styles from Premier Dental Products Company

April 30, 2014
by Premier Dental

Now available from Premier® Dental Products Company are 25 kHz ultrasonic inserts in a thin-tip style.  The new design is ideal for removing light to medium debris.  The tip’s thinner profile allows greater access into subgingival pockets as well as tight interproximal areas.  You can choose between the ergonomic Big Easy® and resin handle grips.  Big Easy inserts have a wide 0.43” (1.09 cm) cushion grip and the resin grip measures 0.40” (1.0 cm) diameter.  Premier’s ultrasonic inserts are made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and are well recognized in the dental community for their outstanding quality.   Premier ultrasonic inserts are compatible with most magnetostrictive handpieces and come with a complete satisfaction guarantee!


Contact your authorized dealer for our 2nd quarter introductory end-user offers;  Buy any three Big Easy Ultrasonic Inserts, get one FREE!   Buy any two Resin Handle Ultrasonic Inserts, get one FREE! Effective April 1st to June 30th, 2014.

Premier Dental Products Company 888.670.6100 www.premusa.com.

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