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The Next Generation of Fluoride is Launched in Canada: Fluorimax

February 24, 2017
by Oral Science

Oral Science pursues its engagement to provide effective and innovative solutions to Canadian dental professionals by launching FluoriMax™, the next generation of fluoride varnishes: colophony-free and offering better fluoride uptake.

FluoriMax™ promotes the highest level of treatment against caries by forcing more sodium fluoride to the surface of the varnish when applied to the tooth, thereby providing a highly superior quantity of fluoride into the teeth than other leading brands. Formulated without colophony, a natural resin obtained from pine or cone trees that can create allergic reactions, FluoriMax™ features:

  • 2,5% sodium fluoride giving a great fluoride uptake
  • Food grade shellac resin making thevarnish safer than ever and more comfortable for the patients
  • Non-tacky coating
  • User-friendly patient experience
  • Lower cost
  • Hydroxyapatite, the same ingredient found in our enamel and dentine.

FluoriMax™ is dispensed from a 12 ml bottle, so only the needed quantity is applied, which keeps the cost per application very low. For the patients, it is ideal since they will not get a tacky or stinging sensation because the formula dries to a thin coating. Additionally, no post-treatment instructions are required.

“It is the thinnest, most efficient, safest and comfortable varnish dental hygienists can provide their patients.” stated Steve Pardue, managing member of Elevate Oral Care.

“We are proud to offer a truly new generation of dental varnishes that significantly increases both the patients’ and dental hygienists experience. We strongly believe the efficacy of their high risk caries treatment will be enhanced.” commented Daniel Ménard, CEO and co-founder of Oral Science.

About Oral Science
Since it’s founding more than 13 years ago, Oral Science’s mission is to create optimal and more predictable clinical outcomes by creating synergies with the most efficient and evidence based in-office treatments and innovative home-care solutions for the treatment of high risk caries, oral lesions, periodontitis and xerostomia. Its innovative products include X-PUR, Curaprox, Xylimelts, Gengigel, Periostat and Cetacaine. For more information about Fluorimax and Oral Science, visit www.oralscience.com.

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