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NSK Dental Launches “Gutsy” Marketing Campaign

July 9, 2013
by Oral Health Group

Ads stress that NSK manufactures 100% of its air-driven and electric handpiece components to ensure reliability

NSK Dental LLC recently launched a new marketing campaign emphasizing the fact that 100 percent of its air-driven and electric handpiece components are engineered, manufactured and assembled in house in order to ensure unsurpassed quality and reliability.  

“Unlike many of our competitors, we are a manufacturer in every sense of the word,” said Rob Gochoel, Sales and Marketing Director for NSK Dental.  “While many dental handpiece companies outsource the manufacturing of key parts, we self-manufacture 100% of our air-driven and electric handpiece components. The only components we don’t self-manufacture are PC boards and other electronic and cordless charging components for our electric micromotors and cordless handpieces. In our opinion, controlling all aspects of the quality going into our handpieces is the only way to ensure that our customers get the exceptional reliability they need and deserve from lot to lot and from handpiece to handpiece.”

NSK Dental’s new ad for its T-Max Z95L handpiece series states, “It takes guts to say it’s the best, but since we make the guts … we can.”  According to the company, its complete control of the design and manufacture of Ti-Max Z95L makes it the most durable of the high-performance electric attachments on the market.  The ad also points out that the handpiece is extremely light due to being crafted from solid titanium, and amazingly silent with virtually no vibration.  As a result, the Ti-Max Z95L delivers outstanding comfort to  both the operator and the patient.  The handpiece also boasts the smallest head and the slimmest neck dimensions in the industry, providing unsurpassed operator visibility.

Based on a comprehensive product evaluation reported in the April 2013 issue of Dental Product Shopper, NSK’s insistence on controlling all aspects of the engineering and manufacturing of its components is paying impressive dividends. The Ti-Max Z95L was named a “Best Product 2013” due to an extremely favorable evaluation from an independent panel of dentists assembled by the magazine.  Every single evaluator said he or she would probably or definitely recommend the Ti-Max Z95L to a colleague.  Evaluators were particularly complimentary about the device’s smooth cutting, small head size, and extremely low levels of noise and vibration.  The 4.5 overall rating achieved by the Ti-Max Z95L was the second-highest rating given to a handpiece in the history of the magazine. The complete evaluation can be found at www.dentalproductshopper.com/ti-max-z95l, while more information about the Ti-Max Z95L and other NSK Dental products can be found at www.nskdental.com.

About NSK Dental
Founded in 1984 and based in suburban Chicago, NSK Dental LLC is a leading manufacturer of turbines, contra-angles, micromotors, tooth polishing systems, and surgical and endodontic handpieces in the North American dental marketplace.  The company’s products are available for sale through leading dental distributors.  NSK Dental’s parent company, Japan-based NSK Inc., has manufactured a wide variety of dental products utilizing core ultra high-speed rotational technologies since 1930. In recent years, NSK Inc. has expanded its business by applying its core technologies to the industrial and medical surgical markets. The mission of the company, which does business in over 130 countries: to make contributions to the health and peace of the global community through manufacturing high quality products and foster friendships with people worldwide.

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