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NSK Dental Launches Ti-Max Z Series of Innovative Electric Handpieces in Canada

June 10, 2013
by Oral Health Group

Line delivers an unmatched blend of performance, durability and access

NSK Dental LLC announced today the U.S. launch of its Ti-Max Z Series of electric (contra-angle) dental handpieces in Canada. 

The Ti-Max Z series features six state-of-the-art instruments:

  •   Z95L: 1:5 increasing; Quattro spray; for FG burs.
  •   Z85L: 1:5 increasing; single spray; for FG burs.  
  •   Z45L: 1:4.2 increasing; Quattro spray; for FG burs.  
  •   Z25L: 1:1 direct drive; single spray; for CA burs. 
  •   Z15L: 4:1 reduction; single spray; for CA burs.  
  •   Z10L: 16:1 reduction; single spray; for CA burs.


The Ti-Max Z series represents next-generation micro production technology that allows NSK handpieces to attain levels of performance, durability and access never before seen in the dental industry.  Ti-Max Z series handpieces perform at a remarkably low noise level with virtually no vibration. The Ti-Max Z series also features the handpiece market’s smallest heads and slimmest neck dimensions, facilitating unprecedented operational visibility as well as easy access to difficult to reach oral regions. Moreover, NSK’s unique head cap design helps to both limit and disperse heat generation during treatment, thereby maximizing patient comfort and safety.

The Ti-Max Z series’ exceptional durability is the result of highly advanced engineering and product design. The handpiece bodies are made of solid titanium, which  is 30% lighter than stainless steel yet more durable and corrosion resistant. These handpieces also feature NSK’s latest surface enhancement technology, DURACOAT®, which takes advantage of the non-allergic and biocompatible properties of titanium to further improve durability. DURACOAT creates a smooth, scratch-resistant surface which is also comfortable to hold.

The Ti-Max Z95L, the flagship of the line, was recently named a “2013 Best Product” by Dental Product Shopper based on a comprehensive evaluation by a panel of practicing dentists.   Impressively, 100 percent of the evaluators said they would definitely or probably recommend the Ti-Max Z95L to their colleagues, and 88 percent said it was much or somewhat better than similar products and that they would definitely or probably purchase it in the future.

The Ti-Max Z95L’s gear shapes were designed using High Spec 3D simulation software to optimize durability and minimize noise. In addition, the gears’ special DLC Coating (Diamond-Like Carbon) further enhances durability.  As a result, NSK tests show that the Ti-Max Z95L is more than twice as durable as any other comparable handpiece in the global market.

Another item in the line, the Ti-Max Z45L, is the world’s first 45-degree electric (contra-angle) dental handpiece.   This instrument provides effortless access to hard-to-reach molars that a standard contra-angle simply cannot match. The slim design of the Ti-Max Z45L also offers excellent visibility and high operability, creating more space between the hand-piece’s body and front and adjacent teeth. In addition, the Ti-Max Z45L’s powerful and consistent cutting shortens treatment time for sectioning and third-molar extractions, dramatically reducing stress for both clinicians and patients.

 “We are proud and excited to be bringing the world’s most advanced electric handpieces to the Canadian market,” said Rob Gochoel, NSK’s Director, Sales and Marketing.  “Our Ti-Max Z handpieces deliver a combination of performance, durability and access that until now was simply not available to Canadian dentists.”

All Ti-Max Z series handpieces carry a two-year warranty and fit all standard e-type electric micromotors. 

The line is being introduced to the Canadian marketplace via two introductory promotions through June 30th:  Buy a NLX nano electric micromotor and 1 Ti-Max Z series attachment, get 1 Ti-Max Z series attachment (of equal or lesser value) FREE.

 Buy 3 Ti-Max Z series electric attachments, get 1 Ti-Max Z series electric attachment (of equal or lesser value) FREE.  

For more information about the Ti-Max Z series or other NSK products, please visit http://www.nskdental.com.

About NSK Dental
Founded in 1984 and based in suburban Chicago, NSK Dental LLC is a leading manufacturer of turbines, contra-angles, micromotors, tooth polishing systems, and surgical and endodontic handpieces in the North American dental marketplace.  The company’s products are available for sale through leading dental distributors.  NSK Dental’s parent company, Japan-based NSK Inc., manufactures a wide variety of dental products utilizing core ultra high-speed rotational technologies. In recent years, NSK Inc. has expanded its business by applying its core technologies to the industrial and medical surgical markets. The mission of the company, which does business in over 130 countries: to make contributions to the health and peace of the global community through manufacturing high quality products and foster friendships with people worldwide.


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