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Nu-bird HV Evacuation Mirrors Change the Way Dental Professionals Practice

January 9, 2018
by Nu-bird

Most dental clinicians are not aware there is now an easier way to manage water debris and aerosols. Nu-Bird Mirrors are an ergonomic HVE and a mirror all in one. Customers who use the Nu-bird HVE Mirror System enjoy easier water and aerosol management, improved ergonomics and better accuracy. Meet the ultimate essential instrument that today’s dental clinicians use for HVE evacuation, clear indirect view and retraction.

Introducing Nu-bird’s High Volume Evacuation Mirror System
Evacuation devices on the market today vary by function according to the purpose for which they are designed. For ultrasonic scaling or air-polishing, the goal is not just water management; it is aerosol containment and controlling the risk of disease transmission. Through his extensive research, Dr.Stephen Harrel concludes that using HVE during these types of procedures removes 90-98% of generated aerosols and proves an effective solution to aerosol containment and reducing risk of contamination.

Three Challenges with using HVE
Ergonomic limitations can make the clinician’s job more time-consuming, difficult to perform, or cause long term injury. A normal HVE hose feels heavy and stiff to manage and pull on wrist and arm. Because HVE devices are handheld, clinicians are unable to use their mouth mirror for indirect viewing. Due to limited visibility, clinicians typically have to take extra time to lay down the HVE and check all areas with the mouth mirror, then rescale areas they missed. Efficiency is important for completing tasks within allotted time.

Mobility: HVE devices need to be held approximately 6-15mm away from the aerosol generating device’s tip. The long straight shape of the standard HVE tip can be awkward to handle and angle to avoid getting suction locked on the patient’s cheek of tongue.

Performance: Just because an evacuation tip can be used on and HVE suction port to evacuate water and aerosols, does not mean it is operating at an acceptable level performance at the user end. Many devices on the market that fit HVE ports but perform the same as a low volume evacuation device (LVE). Clinicians need to look for devices that operate at higher velocity evacuation levels for reducing aerosols and splatter. The device features should offer:

  • Lightweight ergonomic design that reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury(RSI).
  • Full mobility that is easy to handle and rotate in all areas of the mouth.
  • Broad sweep suction and retraction that inhibits the device from sucking up tissue.
  • Multifunctional capability that eliminates the need to switch devices in mid procedure.
  • Improved ergonomics, light weight, free rotation and reduces strain on wrist and arm.
  • High velocity evacuation with wide air pathway for better aerosol/water management.
  • Strong retraction of thick tongues and cheeks without compromise in suction performance.
  • Nu-Bird offers clear fog free indirect view.
  • The Nu-Bird Mirror System is the perfect companion when performing ultrasonic scaling, air-polishing, laser and sealant placement procedures.

The Nu-bird Mirror easily plug into a standard HV unit using a special ergonomically designed hose adapter which is very lightweight and allows the mirror to swivel when held with modified pen grasp like a standard mouth mirror. This assists clinicians with easier access in the mouth to follow closely the water generating device. The mirror face is replaceable when it becomes scratched. NuBird is changing the way professionals practice dentistry and allows them to achieve a higher standard of care.

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