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Omnia Specialty Surgical Kits by Dr. Cardaropoli

July 19, 2016
by Oral Health

hansasHANSAmed Limited is excited to announce their exclusive launch of two Specialty Surgical Kits designed by Omnia® along with renowned Dr. Daniele Cardaropoli.

OMNIA® Periodontal Surgical Kit by Dr. Cardaropoli


Featuring special octagonal handles gives each instrument in the Surgical Kit a remarkable cutting ability and precision. The Periodontal Kit provides a set of sharp surgical instruments which are essential during the periodontal conservative and resective for regenerative surgery.

The Kit Case is designed for easy sterilization and portability. This kit consists of 10 different instruments. For more information, visit HANSAmed’s website at http://www.hansamed.net/regeneration/omnia-periodontal-surgical-kit-by-dr-cardaropoli/.

The post-extractive kit developed with Dr. Daniele Cardaropoli, has been designed to perform the extraction of dental elements in an atraumatic and minimally invasive way in order to keep intact the soft tissues, especially of the interdental papilla and of the cortical bone.

Any dental professional who partakes in surgical procedures can use this Kit including: the General Dentist, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, and Periodontists. Each Kit consists of four special designed surgical instruments. For more information, visit HANSAmed’s website: http://www.hansamed.net/regeneration/omnia-post-extractive-surgical-kit-by-dr-cardaropoli/.

Omnia® Specialty Surgical products are exclusively distributed by HANSAmed Limited.

See Omnia’s® line of surgical products here: http://www.hansamed.net/brands/OMNIA.html.

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