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O’Nano Oral Solutions to Exhibit Advanced Toothbrush at California Dental Association San Francisco Event

August 20, 2015
by Oral Health Group

O’Nano Oral Solutions will demonstrate its advanced technology ultra-soft toothbrushes for patients with gum disease or senstive gums at the upcoming California Dental Association “CDA Presents” event in SanFrancisco, Aug 20-22, 2015 SAN JOSE, Calif.,  O’Nano Oral Solutions will exhibit its advanced technology toothbrushes at the upcoming California Dental Association “CDA Presents” event at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, Aug 20 – Aug 22. The company will demonstrate its new line of ultra-soft toothbrushes for patients with gum disease or sensitive gums.

“The design of the nylon toothbrush has remained virtually unchanged for more than 70 years,” stated Cady Yu, president of O’Nano Oral Solutions. “Our vision is to reinvent past toothbrush designs using advanced technology and materials in order to bring a better toothbrush to the world. Since gum disease is epidemic, we wanted to focus our first designs on care for this population.”

Proprietary technology allows O’Nano to design and form each individual bristle to its exact specifications, opening up new possibilities for future toothbrushes to make an even bigger contribution to maintaining oral health.

“When you can design each individual bristle to your specifications, it opens up so many possibilities for the future. Can we improve plaque removal and protect gums and teeth with different bristle shapes, textures and materials? Can we design the bristles to deliver antimicrobials during brushing? There are so many possibilities that open up when you move beyond the nylon bristle,” added Jason Zhu, PhD, company founder.

During CDA SF 2015, the company will demonstrate its ultra-soft toothbrushes for patients who need special care including: patients with sensitive gums, periodontal patients, post-surgical, post-implant placement, prosthodontic patients, senior dental care, immunocompromised patients, and orthodontic patients.

Dental professionals are invited to learn more about O’Nano’s advanced toothbrushes and try the toothbrushes at booth #609 during CDA SF 2015. Dental practice team members who visit the O’Nano booth and participate in a demonstration will be entered to win an Apple Watch. For more details about the promotion, visit O’Nano Oral Solutions booth #609.

About O’Nano Oral Solutions O’Nano Oral Solutions is a Silicon Valley based company that believes in the power of technology in improving lives. It seeks to redesign and reinvent oral care products in new ways that improve oral health and advance dentistry while manufacturing its products in a way that is responsible to its workers and the planet. O’Nano Oral Solutions sells its toothbrushes to consumers via Amazon.com, Walmart.com, and its website: http://www.o-nano.com. Professional sales are conducted via its tele-service team at 1-800-712-8150. To learn more visit: http://www.o-nano.com.

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