OraVital Unveils Guarantee Effectiveness at CDS 2017

During the 2017 Chicago Midwinter Meeting, OraVital Inc. will be unveiling a dental industry first guarantee on its comprehensive OraVital® System, when applied to the diagnosis and treatment of gingivitis and mild to moderate periodontal disease. OraVital will be exhibiting at booth #1043 throughout the Chicago Midwinter Meeting in McCormick Center.

According to OraVital CEO James Hyland, DDS, “This is a first of a kind guarantee that states, when used as directed by a OraVital® Certified Clinic, the OraVital® System will predictably control the biofilm and oral infections that cause gingivitis and mild to moderate periodontal disease with pockets less than or equal to 6 mm prior to treatment.”

Under the terms of the guarantee, if despite following the OraVital® System Protocol there is not a noticeable improvement in the patient’s oral health (defined as an 87% and 79-84% reduction in BOP and pockets respectively with no pockets above 4 mm) the patient can be re-tested and re-treated free of charge under the careful guidance of an OraVital® Clinical Coach who will be assigned to that practice and patient.

The key to this ground-breaking guarantee is the standardized training and implementation of OraVital’s proprietary, non-invasive protocol consisting of its advanced BiofilmDNA™ microbiology test and corresponding lab analysis, which guides the clinician in prescribing the correct regimen of antibiotic/antifungal and antimicrobial rinses to effectively control the pathogenic bacteria.

The OraVital® System also includes the company’s recommended home care regimen which is specially designed to keep oral biofilm and pathogens under control. If the bacteria in the biofilm are controlled effectively by the practitioner in partnership with the patient, the oral infection is controlled. The OraVital® System does this predictably,” explains Dr. Hyland.

“With new research being published almost daily linking exposure to high risk periodontal pathogens to serious medical conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and certain forms of cancer, it’s more important than ever for us to ensure that the OraVital® System is being used properly on our patients,” added Dr. Hyland.

The OraVital® System Guarantee will be officially extended to participating OraVital® Certified Clinics throughout Canada and the United States on April 1st. For more detailed information regarding terms and restrictions, please send an inquiry to Guarantee@OraVital.com or visit OraVital at booth #1043 during the 2017 Chicago Midwinter Meeting.

* These results are based upon a landmark study on 649 patients using the OraVital® System. Results of this study were published in “Treatment of oral malodor and periodontal disease using an antibiotic rinse.” By Ken Southward, DDS, FAGD and Anne Bosy, RRDH, MEd, MSc, – General Dentistry, July 2013.

About OraVital Inc.
Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, OraVital Inc. is the developer of the comprehensive OraVital® System, which provides the most accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of the oral infections that cause periodontal disease, halitosis, peri-implantitis and caries. Consisting of a proprietary protocol of advanced microbiology tests BiofilmDNA™ and BiofilmGS™ (Gram stain), combined with a personalized regimen of prescribed antibiotic/antifungal and antimicrobial rinses used in a rinse and spit method which avoids the systemic effects of oral antibiotics, the OraVital® System controls approximately 90%  of periodontal disease, halitosis, peri-implantitis and caries in as little as four weeks when used as directed.* For more information, visit www.OraVital.com.