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Orthophos SL Uses 3D I-X Low Dose Mode for Greater Results

February 27, 2017
by Dentsply Sirona

The ideal 3D solution for your practice now includes a new low dose function.  The 3D I-X mode offers diagnostic optimization for a large number of indications, is intuitively selectable for an efficient workflow and provides intelligent technical realization and optimal clinical results.  In addition to existing High Definition (HD) and Standard Dose (SD) modes, the 3D I-X with Low Dose mode gives users access to 3D information for specific clinical issues with significantly reduced dose.

Optimized radiation dose for every indication
With the three settings HD, SD and 3D I-X, the Orthophos SL can be ideally set to best suit the patient’s needs with the perfectly balanced image quality, volume and dose.  While the HD mode provides images with maximum sharpness for visualizing fine structures, the SD mode with an optimized radiation dose covers common indications.  As a new addition, owners of this technology can clarify clinical issues for which a significantly reduced dose is sufficient with the 3D I-X function.  This effect is achieved by using intelligent filters.  The dense structures such as bones are retained for greater diagnostic reliability.

Highest degree of safety
The Orthophos SL with 3D I-X is indication based diagnostics using CBCT images in the same dose range as 2D images.  This allows you to offer your patients the highest degree of safety with the lowest dose level.  For example, just 3μSv are required to localize a displaced canine.

Ideal for a large number of dental specialities
Intelligent filtering preserves the dense structures such as bones, so it can be used easily and efficiently in many specialist’s fields.  The 3D I-X is suitable for checking implant positions, performing sinus analysis, and determining the positon of teeth.  This expands the application area of 3D imaging in the fields of implantology, orthodontics and for dentists who treat a large number of children, including SICAT Air users who use 3D images to display the upper airways and treat obstructive sleep apnea.

Orthophos SL with 3D I-X, as simple as an update
The Orthophos SL was launched in 2015 with its innovative features including DCS (Direct Conversion Sensor) and SL (Sharp Layer) technology and has proved to be an invaluable tool for general practioners and specialty professionals to enhance diagnostics and clinical outcomes.  All Orthophos SL 3D units can be upgraded to include the 3D I-X mode, and if you are a member of the Dentsply Sirona 3D Club, the upgrade is free of charge.

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