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Radiation-Shielding Positioning Ring

February 27, 2014
by Oral Health Group

Patients will appreciate 30% less radiation* with DEXshield.

DEXshield is a unique dental X-ray position indicating device and a patented patient protective shield. When used during the dental radiologic procedure, it aligns the X-ray beam with the examination site and provides an attenuating barrier to protect the patient from unnecessary radiation exposure.

DEXshield helps optimize your clinical workflow by reducing the number of accessories needed. DEXIS has created DEXshield as a true all-in-one position­ing ring which allows you to capture both periapical and bitewing radiographs.

DEXshield is designed exclusively for use with the DEXIS Platinum Sensor. *In a laboratory setting, DEXshield plus the DEXIS Platinum Sensor was determined to reduce absorbed dose by 30% as compared to the Universal Ring plus the DEXIS Platinum Sensor.

For more on this product visit: www.dexis.com.

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