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January 19, 2010
by 3M ESPE (MMM)

LONDON, Ont. 3M ESPE announces the production of the 50 millionth capsule of RelyX Unicem Self-Adhesive Universal Resin Cement. The first ever self-adhesive resin cement has proven its value in millions of applications worldwide.

Since its launch in 2002, an ever-increasing number of users trust the world market leader RelyX Unicem cement. The self-adhesive material allows for quick and easy cementation enabling a strong bond, while eliminating the need for separate etching, priming or bonding.

The significant number of capsules produced during the last seven years reflects the outstanding reliability and clinical performance of RelyX Unicem cement, said Lisa M. Citton-Battel, business manager, 3M ESPE. A combination of tradition and innovation, long-term experience and new ideas are key to the cements success. Its unique chemistry will secure the product a leading position in future markets as well.

Designed for permanent cementation of inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges as well as endodontic posts made of diverse materials, the product allows for universal application. The cement is also available in the convenient Clicker Dispenser.

Over the years, several independent and third party evaluations have attested to RelyX Unicems reliable performance including CR Foundation, Townie Choice Award for Cements, and The Dental Advisor rating along with their Top and Preferred Product Awards. The reports highlight the cements high physical strengths and low linear expansion as well as its impressive colour stability and hydrophobicity. They also confirm RelyX Unicems high marginal integrity, which reduces the risk of debonding and post-operative sensitivity considerably

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