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ReplaceTM Select TC a versatile, and easy-to-use implant- supported overdenture solution

January 20, 2011
by Nobel Biocare - Zurich

Backed by more than 40 years of successfully treating edentulous patients, Nobel Biocare introduces another versatile product for implant-supported overdenture solutions.

Replace Select TC1 is a two-piece implant with a 3 mm high, extended machined collar, which enables platform access at tissue level (Fig. 1). Simultaneously, its color-coded internal tri-channel connection facilitates accurate and quick restorative component identification and placement.

Moreover, the body of Replace Select TC is derived from Brånemark SystemTM MK III implants, making it well-suited for all bone types and one-stage treatment protocols, with excellent clinical results. In a retrospective study with an average three year follow-up, Replace implants with 3mm collars demonstrated a cumulative survival rate of 99.2%.2

To facilitate immediate temporization using existing dentures, a new healing screw was developed for Replace Select TC – designed to prevent soft tissue overgrowth Fig. 2). Two different screws are available to accommodate soft tissue thickness and facilitate intraoperative flexibility: 1 mm and 3 mm height variants.

Final prosthetics can be attached to Replace Select TC using any Nobel Biocare overdenture solution: Locator Abutment®, Ball Abutment, Gold Abutment Bar / Gold Coping Bar and NobelProcera Implant Bar Overdenture.

By using Replace Select TC implant treatment times can be reduced, which usually leads to increased patient satisfaction. Replace Select TC should be considered the overdenture solution implant of choice for both surgical and prosthetic management options.

For further information, please visit www.nobelbiocare.com.

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