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Product Spotlight

RX for IPR

October 4, 2010
by Kerr

Every dentist, who performs Invisalign™ or other “aligner”, based orthodontic procedure knows that achieving proper space during interproximal reduction is critical to a successful outcome.  The All Inclusive IPR Set by Dr. Gates and Gray (LS-7586) is your prescription for accurately, safely and efficiently creating space between teeth both manually or with a handpiece.  All components were selected to give you better tactile control and enhance patient safety and comfort.   This set (LS-7586) contains:  (4) single sided Ortho strips in 2 grits, a perforated latch diamond disc, QwikStrips™ (curved) sample pack, (15) finishing strips in 3 grits; interproximal gauge for precise measurement and clinician’s reference.   The All Inclusive IPR Set by Dr. Gates and Gray (LS-7586) from Axis Dental is available through your authorized Axis Dental distributor partners. For more information call 800.355.5063 or visit www.axisdental.com.

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