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Septodont Announces Racegel Syringe Application Improvements

January 21, 2013
by Septodont**

Septodont announces packaging updates to Racegel, a gingival preparation/hemostatic material. Packaging improvements include a shorter syringe plunger for increased convenience and robustness along with a separate thumb rest for a better grip.

The box and instructions will also feature 23 language translations. The syringe quantity remains unchanged at 1.4g, and is available in kits containing 3 syringes and 30 pre-bent needle tips. The new packaging updates will be dispersed once the remaining stock is depleted. This is expected to occur March 1, 2013.

Racegel is a hemostatic agent that controls bleeding and absorbs crevicular fluid prior to and during impression taking, perio scaling, and crown placement. Racegel features a unique thermodynamic characteristic that increases viscosity upon contact with oral tissue. It works most efficiently in conjunction with the one chord technique. Within minutes the cervical margins are ideally exposed. Racegel contains 25% Aluminum Chloride which is clinically proven for its astringent properties, ensuring tissue deflection and eliminating the need for additional hemostatic products. The bright orange color and gel-like consistancy makes it easy to dispense, place and rinse while causing no mechanical trauma to the gingiva.

Septodont is the world leader in quality dental anesthetics and developer of innovative restorative material products for the dental practice and the patient.

Septodont strives to be recognized as the organization that sets the standard for quality, performance and innovation in dental products and customer service.

Racegel is available through the dental dealers.

For more information, call 1-800- 872-8305 or visit www.septodontusa.com.

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