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Septodont Introduces Acroseal Automix

October 23, 2013
by Septodont**

Lancaster, PA – Acroseal® from Septodont is a superior endodontic sealer that seals the canal permanently, eliminating worries about leakage and minimizing the risks of root canal treatment failures. Acroseal adheres to the canal walls and gutta percha points. Its insolubility provides reliable leak-free obturation while its low viscosity allows it to flow freely into the canals efficiently every time. Acroseal is eugenol-free and is fully compatible with most cements and core materials, thereby improving the reliability of bonded post and core restorations.

Acroseal is now available in an easier to use Automix syringe delivery system. The new syringe system includes single use mixing tips and delivers a consistent, homogenous mix each and every time. In addition, it eliminates messy hand mixing and clean-up while reducing the risk of cross contamination. Seal your patient’s restorative success with Acroseal – the perfect mix for a healthy foundation. The Acroseal Automix kit contains: 2 x 8.6g automix syringes, 15 mixing tips, 15 intra-oral tips, and 1 mixing pad.

For more information about Acroseal, contact our live customer service at 1- 800-872-8305, or visit our website: http://www.septodont.ca.

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