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Septodont Introduces Tutorial Apps for iPad, Mac and PC

September 19, 2012
by Septodont**

Septodont has launched two apps for iPad, Mac, and PC featuring two of their unique and innovative products. The apps are great tools for sales representatives as well as dentists and dental assistants. They are easy-to-use, educational, and free to download.

The first app is for Biodentine, a restorative dentin replacement material. Its features include a 3D animation showing step-by-step mixing instructions and indications for use such as: pulp capping, root perforations, deep caries, and more. The app is a clear, concise, and helpful tool complete with clinical recommendations.

The second app for Septoject Evolution provides information about the unique dental needle with scalpel-designed bevel. It also allows the user to swipe the screen with their fingers to test and compare the easier insertion and reduced deflection given with Septoject Evolution. Visit http://www.septodontusa.com or http://www.apple.com/itunes/ to download the apps for your iPad, Mac, or PC.

For more information call: 1-800-872-8305.

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