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Septodont Local Anesthetic Customer Experience Guarantee

August 22, 2013
by Septodont**

As the world leader in the manufacturing and sale of dental anesthetics and the makers of Septocaine, the #1 brand in dentistry, Septodont announces a Customer Experience Seal of Satisfaction. In addition to supplying the highest quality local anesthetics, Septodont now guarantees them! If these products do not produce a satisfactory customer experience, Septodont will provide the purchaser with a replacement box. Product must be purchased in the United States or Canada before July 31st, 2014. A satisfactory customer experience is defined as the product performing to the standard set forth in the Package Insert. All Septodont branded anesthetics are covered by the Guarantee, including:

• Septocaine® (articaine HCl and epinephrine) 1:100,000 and 1:200,000 – USA only

• Septanest® SP and Septanest® N (articaine HCl and epinephrine) 1:100,000 and 1:200,000 – Canada only

• Lignospan® Standard (lidocaine and epinephrine) 1:100,000

• OraVerse® (phentolamine mesylate) – USA only

For complete details on this Guarantee, please visit: http://www.septodontusa.com/news/customer-experience-seal-satisfaction.

Septodont also offers a 10-year limited Warranty on N’Durance® Universal and Cristal Composites. The Warranty covers products purchased in the US and Canada before April 30, 2014. Composite fractures, cracks, chips, and pitting are covered by the Warranty and claims will be reimbursed with $100.00. For complete details visit: http://www.septodontusa.com/news/ndurance-composite-guarantee.

Please contact our live Customer Service at 1-800-872-8305 with any questions.


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