Shofu Dental Corporation Unveils New Abrasive Systems

Shofu Dental Corporation, a leading manufacturer of award-winning dental materials and equipment, introduced three new CAD/CAM-focused abrasive systems that will help clinicians and dental laboratory technicians improve their CEREC processes.

Designed to contour, adjust, finish, and polish modern ceramic CAD/CAM materials, including zirconia, lithium silicate and disilicate, ZiLMaster is a three-step diamond-filled abrasive system. Three grits, coarse, medium, fine, and multiple shanks, CA, HP, provide general practitioners and dental laboratory technicians with the necessary tools to successfully complete CAD/CAM restorations. These 75% diamond-filled instruments deliver long-lasting performance with a precise cut, smooth finish, and tooth-like luster as compared to other similar competitive products. Additionally, densely packed diamond particles embedded throughout the abrasive heads, offer extended cutting ability and predictable results.

With the new BurButler CADMaster CAD/CAM Kit, both clinicians and dental lab technicians will be able to contour, finish, and pre-polish CEREC restorations fabricated from CAD/CAM restorative materials available in dentistry today. Combining in one BurButler, 25 diamond-filled abrasives of all shank-, head-, and grit-sizes, this truly universal system is a must-have for a CDA/CAM-focused dental practice and laboratory.

The new BurButler All Ceramic Preparation Kit features a selection of Shofu’s Robot Diamonds in FG shank, in 17 shapes and head sizes. These comprehensive set includes everything-abrasive a doctor will ever need to quickly prep a cavity for a ceramic restoration fabricated from lithium silicate or disilicate, Zirconia, porcelain, leucite-reinforced ceramics, hybrid ceramics, CAD/CAM composites, PFM, and many more!

More information on ZiLMaster, BurButler CADMaster CAD/CAM Kit, and BurButler All Ceramic Preparation Kit can be found on Shofu’s website at