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Space Maintainers Canada Introduces SomnoDent Herbst Advance and the SomnoDent Fusion

June 4, 2015
by Aurum Ceramic/Classic Dental Laboratories

Calgary, AB – June 4, 2015 – The Aurum Group® and Space Maintainers Canada are pleased to announce the latest FDA-approved innovations from SomnoMed, the global leader in COAT™  (Continuous Open Airway Therapy): SomnoDent Herbst Advance™ and SomnoDent Fusion™. These two new innovative options join with the rest of the proven SomnoDent* product line: Flex, G2, Classic, Herbst, and Air.

SomnoDent Herbst Advance™- Visual Calibration Indicator

Available in two models (Classic and Flex), The SomnoDent Herbst Advance is the first and only intraoral device featuring an easily viewable Plus “+” calibration indicator showing direction of advancement, giving clinicians and patients greater control over OSA therapy. Asymmetry in titration can be a thing of the past – the visual calibration indicator tells you exactly how far the device has been advanced from its start point. Especially when made with proprietary SMH BFlex, the SomnoDent Herbst Advance features a hinge mechanism that is more comfortable in the patient’s mouth; making it easier to remain compliant. With an 8mm range of calibration, chair time is reduced due to minimal adjustment needed and ensuring patients’ continuous therapeutic efficacy.

SomnoDent Fusion™ – Ultimate Calibration FlexibilityThe new patented SomnoDent Fusion “fuses” wing and screw calibration technology together in one device, offering longer titration. The calibration flexibility offered in the SomnoDent Fusion means that it does not have to be reset as frequently, and less resets means your patients won’t be without their device during manufacturer adjustments.  With exchangeable device wings that are closer to the occlusal surface, patients experience more room in their mouths and less bulk! Along with the flexibility in adjustment, the SomnoDent Fusion provides an 8.5mm advancement – longer than most other dorsal fin oral devices – and quick advancement with interchangeable wings and fine screw adjustments at .1mm increments. The SomnoDent Fusion can also be made with proprietary SMH BFlex material, which creates greater comfort for your patients. Ultimately, the SomnoDent Fusion saves your office time and money with its drop-in fit, along with less device adjustments afterwards.

Contact your closest Aurum Group/ Space Maintainers location or call 1-800-661-1169 for complete details on the full SomnoDent line-up today!

* SomnoDent® appliances are manufactured by Aurum Ceramic Dental Laboratories Co. under licence from SomnoMed Limited and SomnoMed Inc.

About the Aurum Group/Space Maintainers Canada
No one in dentistry can match the breadth and depth in technology, experience, expertise and product that The Aurum Group and Space Maintainers Canada bring to the table for dental professionals and patients across North America today. Innovation, Technique, Service, Fast Turnaround – The Aurum Group and Space Maintainers Canada have made these the cornerstones of a tradition of excellence. We cover all aspects from digital dentistry to the creation of accurate, functional and aesthetic appliances, prostheses and restorative solutions. Whether you need removable appliances, retainers, fixed appliances, functional appliances, bleaching trays, snoring/OSA appliances or splints and mouthguards, Space Maintainers – Canada is your Orthodontic Specialist. We blend the expertise of our well-trained, experienced and creative technicians with the finest materials available to provide your patients with unsurpassed orthodontic results.

About SomnoMed
SomnoMed (www.somnomed.com) is a public company providing diagnostic and treatment solutions for sleep-related breathing disorders including obstructive sleep apnea, snoring and bruxism. SomnoMed was commercialized on the basis of extensive clinical research. Supporting independent clinical research, continuous innovation and instituting medical manufacturing standards has resulted in SomnoDent® becoming the state-of-the-art and clinically proven medical oral appliance therapy for obstructive sleep apnea. The company’s SomnoDent® is a treatment solution that has proven effective for over 175,000 patients in 28 countries.

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