Structo Announces Extended Distribution Partnership with Dental Axess

Structo, a Singapore-based dental 3D printing solutions provider, announced today an exciting new partnership with renowned distributor Dental Axess. The agreement involves the distribution of Structo’s MSLA-equipped 3D printers in the region of North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and will allow Structo’s customers to gain access to high quality customer service and after sales support.

This partnership is built upon the vision of Dental Axess to be the trusted alliance for their customers and Structo as a global 3D printing dental solutions provider. With Dental Axess onboard, Structo’s reach now extends across four continents, namely Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.

“We are thrilled to partner with Dental Axess to tap into their distribution network. We are confident that with their background, expertise and vast experience in the various regions, this partnership will bring more value to our customers,” says Huub van Esbroeck, one of Structo’s founders. “We are committed to provide consistently excellent customer experience and this effort has been designed to further that commitment by improving customers’ access to Structo’s technology and support in local languages,” he adds.

Dental Axess provides the European, North American, Australian and New Zealand markets with a wide range of digital and prosthetic dental solutions. The company, based in Sydney, Australia; Quebec, Canada and Zürich, Switzerland is an independent distributor and integrator of CAD/CAM systems for all major dental indications.

“Dental Axess is excited to have been appointed as a distributor for Structo in the markets that we are currently operating. There has been an increasing demand for high speed, high throughput dental 3D printers and we look forward to integrating their products into our portfolio. Structo products’ innovative design and proprietary technology is the ideal solution for our clients,” says Per Claesson, Director of Corporate Strategy and Development at Dental Axess.

About Structo 3D
Structo is a Singapore-based dental 3D printing solutions provider. We design, develop and build 3D printers tailored for dental applications using our unique proprietary MSLA technology. With MSLA, Structo’s 3D printers are able to achieve speeds much higher than conventional SLA printers and are revolutionising the field of digital dentistry with higher throughput and lower costs, all without compromising on print quality. Alongside our dental 3D printers, we also build control systems and software, and formulate our own photopolymer materials tailored specifically to each use-case in a range of dental 3D printing applications.

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