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Success of Atlantis from Astra Tech continues into 2012

February 28, 2012
by Astra Tech

Available for all major implants systems, Atlantis™ remains the market-leading CAD/CAM abutment solution in North America, with steadily increasing numbers of dental laboratories and dentists choosing Atlantis™ abutments for their patient-specific, dental implant restorative needs.

“The continued growth of Atlantis is, in part, due to our commitment to listening and responding to the feedback and needs of our customers,” says Craig Rodriguez, VP of Marketing, Astra Tech Inc. (North America). “We go through a rigorous development process that ensures innovation without compromise to reliability and predictable results. These solutions all positively contribute to our customers’ process efficiency and profitability.”

Atlantis™ lab-based scanning and Atlantis™ Abutment core file are examples of services that leverage technology for an enhanced and more efficient workflow. A steady stream of new product and service options will continue to be introduced throughout 2012, further reinforcing Astra Tech Dental’s position within the area of digital dentistry.

Atlantis™ lab-based scanning for 3Shape in progress in North America First announced in 2011, Astra Tech’s strategic alliance with 3Shape A/S, the Danish-based provider of 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions, continues with the development of Atlantis lab-based scanning for 3Shape scanners. Atlantis lab-based scanning allows for the dental models to be kept at the laboratory and provides advantages for the dental laboratory such as reduced time to delivery, and reduced cost in handling and transportation.

The software interface enabling the 3Shape dental scanners to communicate with the Atlantis VAD™ (Virtual Abutment Design) software, is now in the pre-market test phase.

One of the first participants of the pre-market testing is Chris May, Owner, May Dental Arts (Fenton, MO). “The overall experience using 3Shape scanner to send files to Astra Tech for the production of Atlantis™ abutments has been great,” states Chris. “This digital workflow has helped my laboratory to shave off almost two days of our production time. And because our laboratory often restores cases with multiple disciplines (veneers/crowns and implant combinations), lab-based scanning allows us the flexibility to continue working on these cases while the abutments are being milled. Not having to physically send out our case models makes the overall process feel even more integrated. In fact, it feels as if Atlantis production is located right in our own laboratory,” Chris adds.

Atlantis™ Abutment core file for 3Shape design software Astra Tech will offer Atlantis Abutment core file to users of the design software 3Shape DentalDesigner. Atlantis™ Abutment core file is a high-precision digital file of an Atlantis™ Abutment that represents the outer surface of the manufactured Atlantis™ Abutment and includes all corresponding scanned data. The Atlantis™ Abutment core file can be used for designing a coping in the 3Shape DentalDesigner software before receipt of the final abutment, thus replacing the need to scan the abutment. The service contributes to a shorter turnaround time for the production of the final restoration.

Atlantis™ and Atlantis VAD™ are trademarks of Astra Tech. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Atlantis™ patient-specific abutments Atlantis™ patient-specific abutments are designed and fabricated using Atlantis VAD™ (Virtual Abutment Design) software, a patented process that combines state-of-the-art 3D optical scanning, advanced software and manufacturing methods to deliver patient-specific abutments that eliminates the need for hand modification. Atlantis patient-specific abutments are available for all major implant systems and in biocompatible materials such as titanium, gold-shaded titanium and different shades of zirconia, including a translucent zirconia in white for the Atlantis™ Crown Abutment.

About Astra Tech Astra Tech AB is a global leader in dental, surgical and urological products, services and support. Since September 1, 2011, the company is a part of DENTSPLY International, Inc., a global leader in professional dental products. Astra Tech has continually developed market-leading solutions to meet health care needs based on user and medical community input since 1948. Ongoing research and development is aimed at finding new ways to support caregivers and improve quality of life for patients worldwide.

Astra Tech headquarters are located in Mölndal, Sweden, with production facilities in Sweden and North America. The company is represented globally by 16 subsidiaries and selected local distribution partners. Astra Tech has 2,200 employees worldwide and the revenue in 2011 was SEK 3.9 billion. The company invests five percent of its revenues annually in research.

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