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Sunstar Americas Introduces New Gum® Lalaloopsy™ Toothpaste And Flossers In Canada To Complete Its Gum® Lalaloopsy™ Children’s Line Of Oral Care Products

March 29, 2016
by Sunstar Americas, Inc.

Sunstar GUM - logoGuelph, ON – Sunstar Americas, Inc., a leading global oral healthcare company and the makers of the GUM® brand of oral care products, announced today the completion of the GUM® Lalaloopsy™ line of children’s oral care product regimen by releasing a pink, fruit punch-flavoured toothpaste and GUM® Lalaloopsy™-theme coloured flossers to join the successful GUM® Lalaloopsy™ manual and timer-light toothbrushes currently available in Canada. These new products will be available to dental professionals by April 2016.

Now dentists can offer their patients a full product regimen to help them comply with their home care. The three items required for a complete oral health routine include a toothbrush, toothpaste and a tool for between teeth cleaning, such as flossers. Flossers are the number one flossing method for kids flossing for the first time. Dental professionals recommend flossers for children under the age of twelve due to the dexterity needed to use string floss.

Kids can delightfully conquer plaque with a little help from their favorite Lalaloopsy™ characters. The GUM® Lalaloopsy™ kids oral care line features the new pink-coloured, fruit punch-flavoured toothpaste and pink, lavender and light blue flossers. These products match the manual and timer-light toothbrushes currently available in Canada. The toothpaste contains 1080 ppm fluoride, which actively fights against cavities and the tasty flavour has been kid tested and approved, ensuring children will look forward to brushing their teeth. The flip top cap reduces mess and prevents the cap from mysteriously going missing. The 92 mL GUM® Lalaloopsy™ Toothpaste is available for the suggested retail price of $2.99.

Sunstar Lalaloopsy Canada
The premium string on the new GUM® Lalaloopsy™ Flossers has a fluoride coating, while the grape flavouring ensures children will enjoy the taste and add flossing to their twice-a-day oral care routine. The string has a satin-like finish, which provides for easy sliding through even the tightest teeth. The flosser head, which is designed to comfortably fit a child’s mouth, allows flossing between all teeth, making sure no spot is left untouched. Now parents can help their child have perfect oral health with a complete set of oral care products. The 40-count GUM® Lalaloopsy™ Flossers are available for $2.99.

“Parents can rest at ease knowing their children are helping to prevent and fight cavities with GUM® Lalaloopsy™ flavoured toothpaste, flossers and toothbrushes,” said Eduardo Vargas, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing. “This regimen approach is the perfect way to help parents teach their kids about the importance of great oral health, starting from a young age,” said Vargas.

About Sunstar Americas, Inc.
Chicago-based Sunstar Americas, Inc. is a member of the Sunstar Group of companies. Sunstar, a globally recognized leader in the oral care industry, has been providing research-based products and services in 90 countries for over 80 years. The company is committed to partnering with dental professionals and scientists to enhance the health and well-being of people everywhere. Sunstar manufactures an extensive line of preventive and therapeutic products under the brands GUM®, BUTLER® and GUIDOR®.

For more information about Sunstar and its products, please visit http://www.sunstar.com, or http://www.gumbrand.ca/.

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