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Sunstar GUM Announces the Launch of EasyThread Floss Designed to Improve Flossing Habits for Patients with Unique Oral Care Needs

February 26, 2013
by Sunstar - GUM

EasyThread™ Floss address the flossing frustrations experienced by patients with braces, bridges, implants, orthodontic appliances and other unique oral hygiene needs

Chicago, IL – Flossing can be a challenge for most patients, especially those who have braces, bridges, implants and other unique oral hygiene needs, therefore it often is neglected. In fact, three our of four people do not floss regularly.1 To help patients and improve overall oral health, Sunstar GUM® has developed EasyThread™ Floss – the first major innovation in the threader category in many years – designed to improve flossing habits and compliance by providing:

  • Better Oral Hygiene and Less Waste. The EasyThread Floss is packaged within a traditional floss dispenser that effectively isolates each strand to eliminate tangles and waste, while the lidded plastic case keeps floss clean until it is ready to use. To further reduce waste, a rewind feature was added to ensure that only the proper amount of floss is dispensed. Sample envelopes
    containing five individual strands are also available for patient in-home trial.
  • Comfort for the Patient. Experts agree that current threaders on the market are either too stiff and may risk hurting patients’ gums, or too flimsy and may wear out before the whole mouth gets cleaned. Designed with comfort in mind, each strand of puffy EasyThread Floss features durable threader sections on both ends that are ideal stiffness – less likely to irritate gums, yet stiff enough to access hard-to-reach areas. By adding threader sections to both ends of the floss it essentially doubles the useful life of each strand.

Additionally, the number of patients requesting restorations, such as crowns, bridges and implants, is expected to grow. Consumers should want to protect the investment they are making in these restorations through the use of specialized, easy-to-use products that have been recommended by dental professionals.

EasyThread Floss has the potential to create better flossing habits and improve overall oral health for many patients with unique flossing challenges,” says Dr. Rcihard Demke, DDS, Sr. Director, Technology and New Product Development. For more information, visit www.US-Professional.GUMbrand.com.

About Sunstar Americas, Inc. Chicago-based Sunstar Americas, which serves the Americas, is part of the Sunstar Group of companies a global organization founded in Japan in 1941 which now has worldwide sales of over $1 billion. The company has offices in 15 countries and four major geographic divisions. Sunstar’s mission is to enhance the health and well-being of people everywhere via its four business areas: mouth and body, health and beauty, healthy home and safety, and technology. The company is proud of its global partnership with dental professionals to develop a better understanding of the potential links between oral health, general health and quality of life. Sunstar’s well-known Butler® brand of professional dental products and GUM® brand of consumer oral hygiene products have been two of the dental profession’s most trusted and recommended brands for more than 91 years. Butler® and GUM® products are designed in consultation with dental professionals and manufactured to the highest quality standards, assuring product excellence and patient satisfaction. For additional information, please visit www.GUMbrand.com.

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