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The Esthetics of Slowness

August 13, 2015
by Sirona

The tempo of our times is fast. Many things today happen at such a breathtaking speed that the details of movement can hardly be perceived. But behind the speed lies utmost precision – for example when milling a crown with CEREC.

Salzburg/Bensheim, Thanks to technical advances, highly precise production is possible at a breathtaking speed. Ultra-modern technology also allows us to record these movements in super slow motion so we can make things that happen too fast to be detected by the human eye become visible. Sirona used this technology to record the production process of a CEREC crown in the Sirona CEREC MC XL Premium Package milling machine using a high-performance camera at a speed of 2,000 images per second. The result is a fascinating, choreographed ballet of technology. Milling tools, ceramic, and water jets act in a very small space, recorded using a special lens and with a soundtrack of appropriate classical music. “No one has ever seen CEREC like this in 30 years,” even Aaron Dayringer, CEREC Product Manager at Sirona, was impressed.

Firgure 1. A new look at CEREC – super slow: A high speed camera shows the fascinating precision of the Sirona CEREC MC XL Premium Package milling machine.

 The video, which was posted on various social media sites, creates an emotional feeling about this fascinating technology, as numerous comments have shown. “The number and kind of reactions are overwhelming; we certainly did not expect that,” says Andreas Blauig, Corporate Social Media Manager at Sirona. The video has now been viewed on Facebook more than 70,000 times, more than 800 viewers have shared the clip, many times the average for the industry.

Figure 2. Screenshot of Facebook reactions to CEREC Slowmotion Video.

But at the same time, the video is more than merely image advertising. “The appeal of CEREC restorations stems from their high level of precision. Only if they fit precisely can restorations be completed in one sitting without any problem,” says CEREC specialist Dayringer. “The sophisticated milling processes ensure that dentists no longer have to do any regrinding by hand. The striking video shows how precisely the CEREC MC XL Premium Package milling machine works at high speeds.”

The video can be viewed at this link https://youtu.be/lGbllSvLluA and may be reused.

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