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TheraCal LC

June 17, 2013
by Bisco Dental Products

TheraCal LC

Apatite-stimulating TheraCal LC quickly and effectively repairs and heals pulp and dentin.

Pulp and dentin protection is critical to successful dental treatment and patient care. Various products have been used for this purpose over the years, with differing levels of success. To address the need for more consistently effective pulp protection, Bisco recently introduced TheraCal LC, the first light-cured flowable resin with calcium silicates to stimulate apatite in tooth structure.

Described by dental professionals as a resin-modified calcium silicate (RMCS), TheraCal LC puts “apatite at dentists’ fingertips,” making it an ideal material for direct and indirect pulp capping and as a pulpal protective liner/base under composites and amalgam.

Years of Research

Calcium silicates, the active ingredient of TheraCal LC, are backed by years of research supporting their effectiveness as a dentin and pulp protectant. Rapid and effective delivery of calcium for the repair and healing of dentin has been observed clinically. This research and TheraCal LC’s interactive properties make this material an ideal choice to replace calcium hydroxide, glass ionomer and resin-modified glass ionomer liners, and other materials.

TheraCal LC has FDA clearance as “apatite stimulating.” It provides a high pH level, which is required for healing. It is self-sealing to protect against bacterial invasion and its initial bond to dentin helps to resist inadvertent removal while air drying. In addition, the calcium release of this product has been shown to aid in the promotion of apatite and dentin bridge formation.

The Benefits of Calcium

TheraCal LC rapidly and effectively releases calcium to enhance dentin healing and repair. This significant calcium release provides several benefits:

1. sustained alkaline environment to promote wound healing

2. immediate bond and sealing properties

3. stimulated hydroxyl-apatite and secondary dentin formation in affected tissue

Ease of Use = Increased Effectiveness

TheraCal LC is dispensed directly onto affected, moist tissue from a flowable syringe. No mixing, clicking, or triturating is required. The material can be light-cured in 1 mm increments. The calcium release is not diminished by the application of a bonding agent.

Because TheraCal LC possesses the physical strength and insolubility of an interactive flowable resin, it will withstand the physical stresses of occlusion when placed under amalgam and composites.

Pulpal Security Blanket

Bisco describes TheraCal LC as a security blanket for pulpal protection. By combining the best qualities of glass ionomers and composites, Bisco has created a unique, first-of-a-kind material that gives dentists the confidence of knowing they are providing the best care to their patients.

For more information, please visit our website at: www.biscocanada.com.


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