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TotalCare, the Leader in Dental Infection Prevention Launches New colorful SEAL-TIGHT SPECTRUM Disposable Air/Water Syringe Tips

January 14, 2013
by Total Care

NEW SEAL-TIGHT SPECTRUM disposable air/water syringe tips deliver dry air on demand, reduce cross- contamination, and eliminate sterilization time, now available in 8 assorted colors!

TotalCare, the leader in dental surface disinfectants launches a new line of disposable air/water syringe tips with SEAL-TIGHT® SPECTRUM. The patented technology behind Seal-Tight Spectrum is what sets it apart from all the other air/water syringe tips available today, making it the recommended choice for your dental operatory. Seal-Tight turns the traditional approach to tip installation on its head, with a unique interlock system, through the exclusive Seal-Tight Adapter, that eliminates wear-and-tear at the insertion point of your air/water syringe and ensures a fresh seal with every new tip. The combination of superior materials and superior engineering has yielded the best syringe tip for dry air, on demand, every time.

Experience the benefits of Seal-Tight Spectrum:

  • Disposable – Provides maximum infection protection
  • Eliminates:
  • Risk of cross-contamination
  • Sterilization time
  • Risk of moisture damage during procedures
  • Dry Air On-Demand. – The yellow rubber seal acts like an O-ring, ensuring dry air every time
  • Rapid & Secure Tip Replacement – Only syringe tip with a unique technology designed for quick and sealed tip replacement
  • Flexible – Can be bent to a 90º angle without affecting water flow
  • Rigid – Easily retracts lips and cheek without bending
  • Multiple Colors – available in 8 assorted colors!

To learn more or Try Seal-Tight Spectrum for FREE visit TrySealTight.com.

About TotalCare
TotalCare is a subsidiary of Sybron Dental Specialties. Our corporate headquarters is located in Orange, California, and our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is in Romulus, Michigan. At TotalCare, we’re all about protecting people by providing high-quality infection-prevention products, including a complete line of pre-cleaners and enzymatic detergents, high-level disinfectants, surface disinfectants, liquid medical waste disposal products, eye protection and hand hygiene products. TotalCare products are sold through leading dental and medical product suppliers around the globe. To contact a TotalCare representative, call 800.841.1428 or visit TotalCareProtects.com.

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