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Velox by Structo: The World’s First Desktop 3D Printer with Integrated Autonomous Post-Processing

February 20, 2018
by Structo

World’s first desktop 3D printer with integrated fully-autonomous post processing to streamline in-office dental appliance manufacturing.
Go from designed dental appliance straight to final printed part with the push of a single button.
Wide range of materials enables 3d printing for most dental workflows including orthodontics, restorative and removables (dentures).

Structo, a dental 3D printing solutions provider today unveiled their latest dental 3D printer, the Structo Velox, a revolutionary new desktop 3D printer that will forever change the landscape of dental 3D printing. The Velox comes with integrated autonomous post-processing features that allow dental professionals to go from designed appliance to printed part at the push of a button.

Traditionally, automation of 3D printing and post-processes is only accessible to the largest of dental laboratories with heavy capital expenditure. “While we do provide custom automated manufacturing solutions to labs that operate at this scale, we saw a clear need to develop a solution that brings that level of automation into dental practices,” said Huub van Esbroeck, Founder at Structo.

Structo Velox is the first desktop 3D printer that features a patented fully autonomous post processing system to streamline the appliance manufacturing process in dental practices. The Velox system comprises 3 stages – Print, Wash and Cure – on a rotating carousel, fitting all these functions into one single low-footprint automated system. The Velox further features Structo’s new pre-processing service called AutoPrint, a cloud service to which the user simply uploads an STL file, after which the nesting, supporting and slicing are taken care of – and the printer can start automatically without requiring any further user intervention.

“This revolutionary new 3D printer will allow dental professionals to seamlessly go from intra oral scan to final printed part, making this a true industry game changer, “explains Dhruv Sahgal, Head of Business Development at Structo.

In terms of materials management, the Velox employs a single-use cartridge-based system that allows for easy material management and storage. With its wide range of materials available, the Velox is capable of printing everything from models and surgical guides to denture bases and temporaries, allowing it to be used for nearly all dental applications, from orthodontics to prosthetics, and from temporary restorations to fully guided implant cases.

The Velox, alongside Structo’s existing range of dental 3D printing solutions completes their portfolio covering both dental laboratories and practices, solidifying its position as a true dental 3D printing solutions provider in the industry.

The Structo Velox 3D printer will make its debut at the Chicago Dental Society (CDS) Midwinter Meeting 2018 (Booth 4536) at McCormick Place West, Chicago from 22-24 February 2018. For further information, please visit www.structo3d.com.

Structo is also seeking distribution partners in the United States. Interested parties can email sales@structo3d.com for more information.

About Structo 3D
Structo is a Singapore-based dental 3D printing solutions provider. We design, develop and build 3D printers tailored for dental applications using our unique proprietary MSLA technology. With MSLA, Structo’s 3D printers are able to achieve speeds much higher than conventional SLA printers and are revolutionising the field of digital dentistry with higher throughput and lower costs, all without compromising on print quality. Alongside our dental 3D printers, we also build control systems and software, and formulate our own photopolymer materials tailored specifically to each use-case in a range of dental 3D printing applications. For more information, visit www.structo3d.com.

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