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Vita North America Co-Sponsors Hands-On Denture Course with Henry Schein

June 5, 2015
by Vident

VITA North America and Henry Schein teamed up to co-sponsor an interactive one-day, hands-on course on denture set up techniques at Henry Schein’s head office in Delta, BC. Led by well-known denturist Markus Fischer, the training course highlighted the best way to merge artificial denture teeth to address the natural order of tooth occlusion, plus fitting the right denture tooth arrangement to the patient’s treatment plan.

The hands-on portion of the program introduced each participant to proper denture set up techniques, including how to support fit, form and function. Each attendee had an opportunity to practice theory and practical set-ups using pre-mounted models on a KAVO Articulator. In addition, a full set of Physiodens denture teeth were provided to use during the workshop. At the conclusion of the workshop, all participants received a DVD that featured Dr. E. End, the inventor of Physiodens, which includes a 10-part set up guide on occlusal schemes and interviews about his extensive research into natural patient occlusion.

VITA North America has been a provider of innovative dental products since 1985 and is the North American subsidiary of VITA, manufacturer of the internationally recognized VITA Classical Shade Guide, 3D-Master Shade System, VITA ENAMIC and other quality VITA restorative materials.

For registration information or further details on a specific course, call Lisa Graye at 800-828-3839 x226. For more information on VITA quality products, call 800-828-3839 or visit www.vitanorthamerica.com/courses.

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