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Viteo Base: New Titanium Base for Implant-Supported Single-Tooth Restorations

April 2, 2017
by Ivoclar Vivadent

Viteo Base is a titanium base for implant-supported single-tooth restorations. The bonding surface with recessed rotation protection is characterized by a special “soft edge” design. The base provides optimum support for CAD/CAM-processed or pressed all-ceramic materials. As the bonding surface is preconditioned, quick and reliable bonding is ensured. The abutment height can be shortened to suit the individual prosthetic situation. Moreover, Viteo Base is compatible with the most popular implant systems.

Reduced stress due to “soft edge” design
The rounded design of the bonding surface without any edges and rotation pins ensures an even distribution of forces – as would the framework-supporting design of a crown or bridge. The result: Tensile and compressive stress is homogeneously distributed throughout the entire titanium base. This means there is less stress on the restoration and the risk of fractures is reduced.

Adjustable abutment height
Frequently, implants are inserted on the bone level, so that the vertical distance to antagonist is increased. In such cases the long abutment height of the Viteo Base provides ideal support for the restorative material. If the vertical distance is smaller, a shorter abutment height can be advantageous. The height of Viteo Base can be reduced from 6 to 4 millimetres. A laser marking on the abutment indicates the minimum height. Consequently, Viteo Base offers maximum flexibility and ideally supports the restorative material.

Time saving
Sandblasted surfaces and a suitable bonding system enable a sound bond between the titanium base and the restorative material to be achieved. The bonding surface of Viteo Base is industrially preconditioned. This saves time and prevents damage to the implant interface. A homogeneous surface, in combination with the suitable cement (Multilink Hybrid Abutment), ensures reliable, gap-free bonding, which is decisive for long-lasting results.

For Ivoclar Vivadent Abutment Solutions
Viteo Base can be used in conjunction with temporary and permanent restorative materials, irrespective of whether they are processed with CAD/CAM or press technology. Viteo Base is thus the ideal base for Ivoclar Vivadent Abutment Solutions. IPS e.max and Telio CAD as well as the suitable luting material form a unit within this system.

Viteo®, IPS e.max®, Telio® and Multilink® are registered trademarks of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.

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