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VOCO introduces Control Seal

January 29, 2015
by VOCO America Inc.

VOCO introduces Control Seal, the first transparent pit and fissure sealant with the physical properties of an opaque sealant.  Control Seal is 55% filled by weight boasting high compressive strength, low shrinkage, and high flexural strength with low abrasion levels.  Because of Control Seal’s transparency it can be used with all laser fluorescence based diagnostic methods and magnifying glasses to check early changes to the fissure floor.  Control Seal is indicated for all standard sealing protocols and follows traditional sealing placement methods.  Control Seal is available in VOCO’s patented NDT® (Non Dripping Technology) Syringes.

For more information, please see our contact information below:

VOCO Canada
Phone: 1-888-658-2584
Fax: (418) 847-0232
Email: info@voco.com
Website: www.voco.com

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