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Mango: Patients’ Best Friend

by Krysten McCumber

A two-year-old is screaming and crying as they’re ushered into a dental office for a simple cleaning. Sound familiar? How about that same child leaving smiling and laughing after their appointment? Maybe that’s not the most common outcome, but it

December 29, 2011 News Systemic links

Stop worrying or you’ll make yourself sick!

by ken

Dr. Robert Adler was an experimental psychologist who was among the first scientists to show how mental processes influence the body’s immune system. Sadly, he passed away on Tuesday, December the 27th. His legacy however, looms large. Whether it is

September 18, 2011 News Dental phobiaGeneral News

Dentistry is going to the dogs – looking for love in all the wrong operatories

by ken

…provided it’s not a pit bull, maybe not a bad idea…….. September 13, 2011 — If dog is man’s best friend, it’s especially true when he’s in a dentist chair. For many patients who see Lori Doran-Garcia, DDS, a general practitioner

September 8, 2011 News General News

Control Of Fear In The Brain Decoded

by ken

From Medical News Today Emotional balance is regulated by molecular factors behind stress response. When healthy people are faced with threatening situations, they react with a suitable behavioural response and do not descend into a state of either panic or

July 19, 2011 News Dental phobia

‘By applying hypnotherapy, dental anxiety and phobia in patients can be alleviated’

by ken

By Yvonne Bachmann – Dental Tribune International The term “hypnodontics” describes the application of hypnosis in dentistry. It was introduced some decades ago in the US. As the term appears to cause confusion, experts also use the term “dental hypnosis“.

June 29, 2011 News General News

Red and Dental Dread

by ken

From the JADA – Continuing Education Image by e³°°° via Flickr Red hair color is caused by variants of the melanocortin-1 receptor (MC1R) gene. People with naturally red hair are resistant to subcutaneous local anesthetics and, therefore,may experience increased anxiety

April 21, 2011 News AnaesthesiaPediatric dentistry

Syringe cover takes the fear out of pediatric local anesthesia

by ken

By Rob Goszkowski – Dr.Bicuspid.com April 21, 2011 — Getting children to sit through a dental procedure is a challenge most practitioners inevitably face. The mere mention of the word “needle” can prompt anxiety and panic in young patients, making

February 23, 2011 News Dental phobiaGeneral News

More Dentists Taking Pains to Win Back Fearful Patients – Just don’t break wind…

by ken

HEALTH JOURNAL FEBRUARY 1, 2011   /    Wall STREET JOURNAL Nearly one-quarter of all Americans avoid dentists because they’re afraid, according to American Dental Association surveys. And the fear comes in many forms. In an attempt to win back

January 1, 2011 News General NewsTrends in Dental Education

Thought for a New Year

by ken

The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale George Bernard Shaw said, “People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and

December 8, 2010 News Women in dentistry

Women anxious about dentists – don’t practice in the UK

by ken

Women are twice as likely to suffer extreme anxiety when visiting a dentist compared to men, according to a government survey of dental health. The study found 19% of women suffered extreme anxiety in the waiting room compared to 10%

June 26, 2010 News Pain management

Look into my eyes, deeper, deeper…………………

by ken

Hypnosis in dentistry (Hypnodontics) Hypnosis is no longer seen with mysticism and the occult, and increasingly has gained importance in the scientific world. Brazil was regulated by the CFO (Federal Council of Dentistry) use. Hypnosis and Dentistry Hypnosis when used in dentistry to