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Anticipatrending…..Wiki Word of the Week

by ken

From Digital Trends by Geoff Duncan – May 6, 2011 I sincerely expect that in the next year or so, dental industry and practice websites will be infused with APPS to drive business and market services…….one simply needs to follow

March 31, 2011 News Practice management

Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions by Guy Kawasaki

by ken

A worthy read if you want to be “The Dental Office” Guy Kawasaki may be the Dale Carnegie of the technology age. While Enchantment is peppered with references to PowerPoint, Facebook, and other 21st century topics, much of the wisdom

March 26, 2011 News General NewsPractice management

You can’t call time out in the war between market and science

by ken

It’s hard to pay attention when you’re focused on a reverse image in a rhodium mirror prepping the margin of the distal seat of an inlay onlay for a 2.7, and yet, we must.  Dentistry is evolving at an alarming

March 12, 2011 News Marketing strategiesPractice management

Marketing GENIUS – iPad 2 launch attracts thousands in New York City

by ken

The purpose of this entry has nothing to do with the iPAD2 – rather it has everything to do with how to market, how to create the perception of need, the nuance and subtlety of want and the reality that

March 6, 2011 News Social networkingTradeshowsTrends in Dentistry

You’ve got to accentuate the positive, extrapolate the obvious

by ken

The story you will be directed to by the hyperlink below is a game changer for most big box businesses and the customer experience…….NOW ask yourselves, how long will it be before Dentrix or Abel or PracticeWorks or Live DDM

February 25, 2011 News Trends in Dental Education

I have a dream – V-learning, the step beyond E-learning

by ken

I had the opportunity to make the acquaintance of an e-learning genius, Dr. Ovidiu Ciobanu, some time ago.  At the time we met, the use of 3D graphics and animations was NOT the province of presenters in the dental world

February 4, 2011 News Practice managementTrends in Dental Education

Valentine’s Day: Love me, love my iPad with iOS 4.3

by ken

The number of dental APPS in the APP store remains small, but is growing…..expect to see it continue exponentially as the impact chairside for treatment explanation in conjunction with monitors in treatment rooms showing diagnostic material explodes……. Y U should

January 20, 2011 News Practice managementSocial networking

Blending social media and EHR – take a bite of the Apple

by ken

Consider the implications of sharing your clients work product with them so that they can keep a record until such time as such records are mandatory…..to say nothing of the marketing implications….. Image via CrunchBase Apple looks set to introduce

November 15, 2010 News Practice management

Thimk Different – Steve Jobs; I want to bear your children

by ken

Lincoln, NE, (October 26, 2010) – MacPractice, the leading Apple developer of practice management and clinical software on Macs and iPhones for medical, dental and chiropractic offices, today announced the release of MacPractice iPad Interface with ePrescribe. The solution was