Cypher me this Batman

This will either be a huge harangue at the horror being visited upon Ontario dentists in regards to mandated encryption, or a reference to the … more

Caveat emptor

The longer I practice, the more consumed I am with evidence versus eminence based science. Accelerator pedals lock, rubber flies off tires, SUV‘s are prone … more

Retreatment of failing endodontic procedures REDUX (2)

Just to keep you thinking…………………….. Reasons for failure subsequent to retreatment ·       Incomplete debridement ·       Inadequate apical enlargement ·       Extra-radicular infection ·       Resistant Intra-canal infection … more

Is articaine better for infiltrations?

By Laird Harrison, Senior Editor -Dr. Bicuspid — Articaine worked better than competing anesthetics in seven out of 10 randomized clinical trials of infiltration analyzed for a review … more