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October 15, 2021 Feature Dental StudentsNew dentistsNew grads

Words of Wisdom

by Oral Health

The best advice comes from people who have lived it, so we asked a few of our editorial board members to share their words of wisdom as you embark upon your dental career. Bruce Pynn, MSc, DDS, FRCD (C), Thunder

October 15, 2021 Feature Dental StudentsEditorialNew dentistsNew gradsPractice management

Design Your Professional Future

by Mark Lin BSC, DDS, MSC, FRCD(C); Peter Barry CMC, RRDH

The learning curve for recent graduates transitioning into private practice is steep and very rewarding for those who prepare themselves for thriving in a profession that is under rapid transformation. After four challenging and rewarding years, you will anxiously await

Dental Hygiene Career
June 25, 2021 Feature Dental Hygiene

6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Dental Hygiene Career… In the Middle of a Pandemic

by Alana Munro, RDH

So that’s it! Board exams are done and passed, the stress of studying endlessly for weeks at a time is behind you, and you can finally celebrate the joys of being an educated professional. Any new career can cause a

November 16, 2011 News Humour

Is it safe?

by ken

Does it concern anyone else, that a former chief of the KGB has assumed an alternative career as a dentist? Perhaps he will be the spokesperson for mandatory encryption of d Image via Wikipedia ental records and communications in Ontario

July 13, 2011 News Practice management

The Start-Up of You

by ken

To avoid redundancy of the News section of the OH website with the blog section, as we find our information from similar resources at times, I’m going to post op-ed pieces occasionally that while not directly on point, nonetheless if

June 11, 2011 News Dental Hygiene

If I were a hygienist, I’d be issuing a fatwah

by ken

Five Jobs with HIGH SALARY and low education from Investopedia by Stephanie Christensen – June 10, 2011 If you’ve opted to forego higher education, there are still promising career paths. According to data provided by PayScale.com, these five jobs offer a

June 3, 2011 News General News

And now for something uplifting – Death, disability, directives, and your dental practice

by ken

by Dr. Steve Wolff – from Dental IQ Hang on because this article is not going to be pleasant. We’re going to talk about things that are uncomfortable and easy to ignore. Nevertheless, it’s important to have this discussion, and it’s even