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August 13, 2019 News News

Scientists Discover Mechanisms That Could Help Dental Treatment

by ANI

Researchers have unveiled a new mechanism that could offer a potential new solution to tooth repair. The study was published in the journal ‘Nature Communications’. Researchers uncovered ‘a new population of mesenchymal stromal cells’ in a continuously growing mouse incisor

October 6, 2011 News Stem cell research

Stem cell advance has scientists buzzing: What does it mean?

by ken

From HealthPop.com by Ryan Jaslow (CBS/AP) Scientists are buzzing about a new stem cell breakthrough that they think could lead to personalized treatments for major diseases. What’s the breakthrough? Scientists say they’ve successfully cloned a human embryo that can create

May 3, 2011 News Stem cell research

Dental stem cell banking; the gift that keeps on giving

by ken

By Christine Taxin – from Dental IQ In 2000, scientists at the NIH (NIDCR) discovered stem cells in teeth. These “dental” stem cells have already been used to regenerate alveolar bone and treat periodontal disease in human clinical studies. These

March 10, 2011 News General NewsInnovations in dentistryPathologyStem cell researchTrends in Dentistry

Stem Cells from Teeth Produce Insulin in Diabetes Study

by ken

Lexington, MA (PRWEB) March 9, 2011 Store-A-Tooth (TM) commends the scientists who report in the Journal of Dental Research (JDR) that stem cells from teeth can be transformed into cells that produce insulin in a glucose-dependent manner–a significant step toward

February 19, 2011 News Stem cell research

What goes on in Vegas, doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas – uh oh!!!!

by ken

Research into the collection and use of dental stem cells are in the early phase,but already some are saying the future is promising. In Las Vegas,a couple of dentists will pull children’s teeth to ship them off so the stem

May 24, 2010 News Stem cell research

Tissue engineering

by ken

A Feasibility of Useful Cell-Based Therapy by Bone Regeneration with Deciduous Tooth Stem Cells, Dental Pulp Stem Cells, or Bone-Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Clinical Study Using Tissue Engineering Technology Yamada Y, Nakamura S et al…..March 8, 2010This study investigated