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November 2, 2022 News News

Paid Demystifying Cementation: Master the Vital Principles Every Dentist Should Know.

by Prof. Jan-Frederik Güth – DMD, PhD | Munich

The last decades have seen an enormous change in dental treatments – especially in the field of indirect restorations – catalyzed by numerous new tooth-coloured materials, adhesive protocols, an ongoing trend towards monolithic restorations and the general acceleration of development

July 11, 2022 Feature Implant RestorationOral Health

Safer Implant Prosthesis Cementation: Preventing Submarginal Cement and Open Margins

by Emil L.A. Svoboda, PhD, DDS; Darminder Cheema, DDS; Anit Sharma, DDS

Implant treatment complications related to both screw and cement-retained installation systems appear to be similar and troubling. Peri-implant disease treatments can be uncomfortable, expensive, and unpredictable.1,2 Intra-oral cementation can consistently optimize the fit of implant parts and reduce cantilevers to

May 3, 2021 News NewsOral Health

GC America Introduces G-CEM ONE™: The ONE That Simplifies All Cementation Procedures

by GC America

Clinicians worldwide share a common need: a simplified adhesive and self-adhesive cementation procedure using a single product that can deliver high esthetics, exceptional bond strength and effortless clean-up. G-CEM ONE™, the new self-adhesive resin cement from GC, brings together high

July 2, 2019 Feature Oral HealthProduct Report

Zirconia – Separating Fact From Fiction

by Dr. Gary Alex, DMD

Abstract The use and popularity of both zirconia and lithium disilicate have increased dramatically over the last several years (Fig. 1). In fact, if current trends hold¹ it is entirely possible that that the escalating use of both zirconia and

April 16, 2011 News Implantology

Seating crowns on implant abutments

by ken

The word NEXUS has been in my lexicon for 137 years. It was “stolen” from Avrum King who wrote a newsletter back in the 70’s and 80’s on practice management. His background or so he claimed was rumour and propaganda

Paid Demystifying Cementation: Master the Vital Principles Every Dentist Should Know." track-news-articleID="1003969428" track-news-post-type="post" />