They Never Gave Us Hope…

In recent history, in situations when the world was facing global calamity, our leaders countered with great initiative and unflagging hope. The Lincolns, Churchills and … more

Bioflavonoid Spray Efficacy Against Respiratory Viruses

Bioflavonoid Spray Efficacy Against Respiratory Viruses

COVID-19 has raised new concerns about respiratory viral infections (RVI). This virus can reproduce within the cells that line the human respiratory tract and the … more

Teledentistry: Trending Post-COVID-19

Practicing dentistry at a distance, utilizing instantaneous virtual mobile technology, was the stuff of science fiction just a few decades ago. We were taught in … more

Introducing New 3M Respirators Made in Canada announced the availability of the new 3M NIOSH-approved N95 respirators are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. They are available through the website: 3M Aura Health Care N95 … more