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November 4, 2011 News Innovations in dentistryNew Technologies

Researchers develop software to improve attachment for dental crowns

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From Dental Tribune GOTHENBURG, Sweden: Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg are currently developing a method to determine exactly how a tooth should be ground down in order to attach a dental crown to it. The method is

October 2, 2011 News Implantology

Implant Placement with simultaneous bone augmentation

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July 15, 2011 News Electronic Health RecordsSocial networking

Abbott, I’ve been a bad boy

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Before I address the reason for this blog entry, look at the image below and read the hyperlinked article associated with it. Twittr and Flickr usage Now that you understand the enormity, the pervasiveness of the use of social media, please

May 28, 2011 News Health care tourism

$1000.00 for a crown – in the immortal words of Smokey Robinson – you better shop around

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From Forbes by Tom Barlow – May 27, 2011 The Internet has brought about a sea change in how we shop for widely-available goods. No more can a local merchant get away with overpricing products that savvy shoppers can comparison

April 16, 2011 News Implantology

Seating crowns on implant abutments

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The word NEXUS has been in my lexicon for 137 years. It was “stolen” from Avrum King who wrote a newsletter back in the 70’s and 80’s on practice management. His background or so he claimed was rumour and propaganda

April 13, 2011 News Dental Laboratories

Top 5 questions you should ask a dental lab before you send them a case

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From Dental IQ April 12, 2011 By Steven Pigliacelli, CDT Communication is key to your relationship with a lab. Here is a list of questions to ask a prospective new laboratory prior to starting a business relationship. Narrowing the list

February 5, 2011 News Implantology

Crown-to-Implant Ratios of Short-Length Implants

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Hardeep Birdi, DMD, MS John Schulte, DDS, MSD Alejandro Kovacs, DDS, MS Meghan Weed, RDH Sung-Kiang Chuang, DMD,MD Journal of Oral Implantology Vol. XXXVI/No. Six/2010 Excessive crown-implant ratios have been cited in the literature as being detrimental to long term implant survival. However, unfavorable