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August 31, 2011 News Clinical case reportRestorative

Compendium Of Continuing Education In Dentistry

by ken

One of my favorite CE journals is Compendium from www.dentalaegis.com Check out this case from John Weston, DDS. http://www.dentalaegis.com/cced/2011/09/conservative-full-mouth-reconstruction-of-a-worn-dentition-utilizing-digital-impression-technology-and-moden-ceramic-materials which linked off the AACD blog at http://aacd.posterous.com/conservative-full-mouth-reconstruction-of-a-w Ah, the smell of napalm and social media/networking in the a.m. Related articles Neuromuscular Dentistry

July 8, 2011 News Occlusion

Neuromuscular Dentistry

by ken

I know very little about occlusion, in fact, it serves my purposes to reduce the occlusion completely for accuracy in reference points. Came across this while on a trend/topic/blog scavenger hunt…..for comment. It was the blog on neuromuscular orthotics that

July 7, 2011 News BotoxCosmetic Dentistry

Dentistry focus: The medical cosmetics business

by ken

And Image via Wikipedia  just when you thought no country could go lower than to claim Kim Kardashian as a citizen….. Read article Related articles Leaders in Dentistry: A conversation with Dr. David T.W. Wong (blogohj.oralhealthjournal.com) Reality Dentistry – Big

July 7, 2011 News Salivary biomarkers

Leaders in Dentistry: A conversation with Dr. David T.W. Wong

by ken

Continued kudos to Dr. Bicuspid and Donna Domino July 7, 2011 — DrBicuspid.com is pleased to present the latest installment of Leaders in Dentistry, a series of interviews with researchers, practitioners, and opinion leaders who are influencing the practice of dentistry. We