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November 9, 2016 Feature Dental LaboratoriesEditorialOral Health

The Beauty – And Logic – Of Minimal-Prep Veneers

by Chuck Maragos, CDT and Jenny Wohlberh, AAACD

If you’ve ever seen vintage photography, you’ll notice an absence of toothy grins. Somber, tight-lipped portraits ruled the day well into the early 20th century. This was probably for the best, since most smiles were not photogenic. Before the 1920s,

November 9, 2016 Feature Clinical case reportCosmetic / AestheticDental Laboratories

Prep”Less” Veneers: Treating Tooth by Tooth Instead of Case by Case

by Dr. med.dent. Holger P. Meiser DDS, MAGD Holger Dental Group

Abstract The patient treated in this report was not pleased with the appearance of his smile and his confidence to smile was affected. He desired ‘bigger’ and ‘whiter’ teeth. As with any elective cosmetic restorative procedure, a minimally-invasive approach providing

April 13, 2011 News Dental Laboratories

Top 5 questions you should ask a dental lab before you send them a case

by ken

From Dental IQ April 12, 2011 By Steven Pigliacelli, CDT Communication is key to your relationship with a lab. Here is a list of questions to ask a prospective new laboratory prior to starting a business relationship. Narrowing the list

March 12, 2011 News CAD/CAMDental LaboratoriesGeneral NewsTrends in Dentistry

Design and Development of a Haptic Dental Training System – hapTEL

by ken

By Brian Tse, William Harwin, Alastair Barrow, Barry Quinn, Jonathan San Diego and Margaret Cox Abstract This paper presents a novel design of a virtual dental training system (hapTEL) using haptic technology. The system allows dental students to learn and practice procedures such as dental drilling,