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September 12, 2022 News Dental HygieneDental ProductNews

Oral Science Launches an Enhanced Formulation of the X-PUR 1.1% NaF Gel

by Oral Science

Oral Science is proud to launch an enhanced formulation of the X-PUR 1.1% NaF Gel (5,000 ppm fluoride), a leading high strength sodium fluoride gel with 10% xylitol indicated to reduce caries. This new gentle formulation of X-PUR 1.1% NaF

May 3, 2022 News Dental ProductNewsRoot Canal

Septodont Announces a New Product Launch BioRoot ™Flow – Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer

by Septodont

Septodont, leading manufacturer of dental anesthetics, announces a new and exciting bioceramic root canal sealer – BioRoot™ Flow.  Clinical advantages of this proprietary hydraulic sealer technology include: Creates an alkaline environment unfavorable for bacterial growth Long-lasting Ca release essential for

March 28, 2022 News Dental ProductNews

Dentsply Sirona Announces Strategic Partnership with the Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe

by Dentsply Sirona

As part of its sustainability strategy “Beyond: Taking action for a brighter world”, Dentsply Sirona has expanded its successful engagement for better oral health and healthy smiles, by joining the Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe as a corporate

March 25, 2022 News Dental ProductNews

dentalcorp Strengthens Partnership With Align Technology

by dentalcorp

dentalcorp (TSX: DNTL) Canada’s largest and, one of North America’s fastest-growing networks of dental practices, today announced an extended partnership with Align Technology bolstering its offering of Invisalign® brand clear aligner treatment to Canadians nationwide through its Ortho Acceleration Program (OAP). “With patient expectations on

March 17, 2022 News Dental ProductNews

New Cartridge and Mixing Tip System: Applying Impression Material Efficiently and Easily

by Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply Sirona now makes the application of conventional impression material even easier and, above all, more efficient: The mixing tip and cartridge system has been optimized. The mixing cube technology results in improved mix quality of the material. In addition,

March 15, 2022 News DentistryNews

Bestseller for Daily Use in Practices: Dentsply Sirona Delivers the 75,000th X-ray System Heliodent Plus

by Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply Sirona starts 2022 with an impressive milestone: the 75,000th Heliodent Plus left the production site in Bensheim, Germany. The intraoral X-ray unit is the pillar of daily diagnostic work in dental practices, while its reliability and image quality are

March 7, 2022 News DentistryNews

VOCO Expands CAD/CAM Presence, Announces Material Partnership with Planmeca and the Release of Grandio blocs PlanMill


VOCO announces a material partnership with Planmeca and the release of the fire-free Nano-Ceramic hybrid Grandio blocs PlanMill. Grandio blocs has proven its high quality with many other milling systems and has excelled due to its toothlike physical properties, esthetics

March 2, 2022 News Dental ProductDentistryNews

VOCO Launches a Unique Retraction Paste with Custom Tip and 2-Stage Viscosity

by VOCO America, Inc.

Introducing VOCO Retraction Paste, an astringent paste with aluminum chloride that effectively widens and dries the gingival sulcus, creating the ideal conditions for accurate and successful digital or conventional impressions. VOCO Retraction Paste features a custom-engineered capsule with a long,

November 25, 2021 News Dental HygieneNews

Curaprox Black is White: The Perfect Gift for your Patients!

by Oral Science

You have probably heard from your patients or colleagues about a new trend; whitening toothpastes made of charcoal (or carbon). You have probably also heard positive and negative comments on them. In today’s world, with all the social media noise, it

October 19, 2021 News DentistryNews

The Medit i700 Intraoral Scanner Wins 2021 Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award

by MEDIT Corporation

MEDIT is pleased to announce that its i700 intraoral scanner was chosen as a 2021 Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award. The i700 was selected by a panel of the most prominent technology leaders in dentistry. This prestigious award is

September 20, 2021 News Dental ProductDental TechnologyNews

CEREC MTL Zirconia: Great Strength, Fine Esthetics, and Effortless Processing

by Dentsply Sirona

Fast, accurate, and esthetic: this is how digital dentistry can be described in just one visit. And it is becoming increasingly popular. Dentsply Sirona is excited to announce our latest step in helping dentists achieve their digital dentistry clinical and

July 15, 2021 News DentistryNews

The Curaprox CS 12460 Velvet Toothbrush: The New Gold Standard

by Oral Science

Oral Science is proud to announce the launch of the new Curaprox CS 12460 velvet toothbrush. Curaprox has built on the success of its classic CS 5460 to produce its most gentle and effective toothbrush yet. The CS 12460 velvet

July 2, 2021 News DentistryNews

Easy and Economical Zirconia Cementation

by Ivoclar Vivadent

ZirCAD® Cement is a new high performance resin modified glass ionomer cement designed for everyday use, and ideal for high-strength zirconia and metal-based restorations. ZirCAD Cement allows the clinician to deliver predictable cementation results case after case with its easy

May 5, 2021 News Dental ProductDentistryNews

VisCalor Dispenser: Composite Caps Rapid Warming Dispenser

by VOCO America, Inc.

VOCO introduces the VisCalor Dispenser, a composite capsule rapid warming and application device designed for VOCO’s new groundbreaking 2-in-1 thermo-viscous VisCalor composite line. This sleek, ergonomically designed application device combines several innovations that enable the rapid warming of VisCalor in

May 4, 2021 News DentistryNews

Profluorid® Varnish – New Pina Colada Flavor

by VOCO America, Inc.

Light and great-tasting white transparent 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish Profluorid® Varnish has been a success story since its introduction to the US market in 2009. With its low film thickness, subtle, great-tasting flavors and smooth feel, Profluorid Varnish quickly gained

May 3, 2021 News NewsOral Health

GC America Introduces G-CEM ONE™: The ONE That Simplifies All Cementation Procedures

by GC America

Clinicians worldwide share a common need: a simplified adhesive and self-adhesive cementation procedure using a single product that can deliver high esthetics, exceptional bond strength and effortless clean-up. G-CEM ONE™, the new self-adhesive resin cement from GC, brings together high

April 15, 2021 News DentistryNews

Oral Science Presents EMS PIEZON® Offers

by Oral Science

Part of its mission to be the premium distributor and educator of the EMS AIRFLOW®, Oral Science is pleased to present exclusive offers on some EMS PIEZON® Instruments. Guided Biofilm Therapy provides a systematic and predictable evidenced based treatment protocol

April 7, 2021 News Dental ProductDental TechnologyDentistryNews

Oral Science: The True AIRFLOW® Integration Specialist!

by Oral Science

Based on current scientific evidence and leading technology, there has been an industry shift towards an increased demand for Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) and AIRFLOW® technology. A number of offices are already in the process of implementing this technology for

March 3, 2021 News Dental ProductDentistryNews

Aerosol Extraction Without the Distraction: Hands-Free HVE from DENTALEZ


DENTALEZ® is excited to share the latest product release in our arsenal of solutions for dentists and hygienists. To answer the amplified need for safe aerosol extraction, we have created an easy-to-use extraoral High Volume Evacuator (HVE) holder that can

March 1, 2021 News DentistryNews

Provicol QM Aesthetic: Translucent Zinc Oxide, Non-Eugenol Temporary Cement with Calcium Hydroxide

by VOCO America Inc.

Introducing Provicol QM Aesthetic, a zinc oxide-based transparent non-eugenol temporary cement that secures provisional crowns and bridges without affecting the overlying color of the restoration. This zinc oxide-based formula promotes anti-bacterial properties as well as an ideal adhesion and strength